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We combine the art of marketing and the science of digital to grow the business of brands.

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Check out how we used our proprietary AI/ NLP based social listening and market research technology, GenY Labs, to help a leading hospital brand monitor mentions, provide customer service and react to crises in real time. The listening capabilities were supplemented by a strong ERP to escalate issues to various SPOCS and reduce the TAT to less than few hours for complex patient queries.

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How we increased the revenue by 30X and reduced cost of acquisition to 1/16th for leading Online Education player

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We used email automation to help one of India’s largest insurance companies improve their contact center productivity by 12X, and directly influence 30% of sales through digital mediums.

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Launched a campaign for Cancer Care at Home, a niche and sensitive segment. We built a microsite spreading awareness about Cancer Care supplementing it with offline and online events. The 'Whatsapp chat with Oncologist' was quite successful in building a credible connect between consumers and patients.

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CREATIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE USER ENGAGEMENT India’s leading healthcare provider partnered with GenY Medium to give their underutilized web property a 360 degree makeover in a way it becomes…

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Our technologies can be your digital differentiator


Our proprietary technology platforms enable your digital marketing efforts, drawing more results for the digital investments you make. Our technology platforms help enable multiple aspects of digital marketing.

We bring your advertising channels and CRM systems together. Our technologies help you curate better content. We help you listen to the buzz and draw AI/ML powered insights from unstructured data. All of this to amplify outcomes for the same spends and human effort.

Give your digital efforts the technology edge by partnering with us.

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