Performance Marketing

Lend your brand and business the performance marketing edge to keep your cash register ringing. Our performance marketing team starts from first principles, adds the technology edge and improvises further based on years of our experience.

An important differentiator of ours is the proprietary technologies we deploy to extract the best performance from your marketing spends. Use of digital marketing platforms (DMPs), programmatic bidding and end-to-end attribution models power our optimisation methods. These technologies have been carefully crafted based on first hand experience of working on campaigns across categories, industries and company sizes.

Our performance marketing team is led by some of the best and experienced professionals in the domain. Partner with us and see first hand how our analytics’ secret sauce drives your brand to a market leading position.

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Digital Presence

Our digital presence team helps spread your brand’s message to more people, more effectively. Our team uses specialised techniques to define consumer segments, define the right positioning for your brand and devises the communication strategy appropriate for the audience type.

Our digital presence practice is run by creative leaders who have built several industry leading brands in their past careers. The team brings in the required agility in creativity which yields some of the most creative campaigns adding to your brand’s equity.

Our experience of working on a variety of brands has helped us device smart technologies which help measure your brand’s share of voice and share of engagement vis-a-vis your competitors. Our content curation engine helps your brand publish winning content with ease. Incremental technologies which add up to give your brand a significant advantage.

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Marketing Automation

The right message, to the right audience, through the right medium and at the right time – our marketing automation practice adds this competence to your marketing armoury.

We work on a variety of platforms to enable marketing automation including marketing cloud products such as Adobe Campaign, Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot and open source platforms. We also build custom solutions to enable automation for your marketing program.

Our marketing automation consulting and implementations have brought down costs dramatically, helped deliver revenue growth using cross-channel campaigns and unearthed new targeting opportunities for our portfolio of brands. Partner us to leverage marketing automation to your advantage.

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cignattk digital

We used email automation to help one of India’s largest insurance companies improve their contact center productivity by 12X, and directly influence 30% of sales through digital mediums.

B2B Marketing

Communicating with decision makers and decision influencers within large enterprises and SMBs is a specialised competence. Our B2B marketing practice has mastered this domain with years of experience.

We apply some of the best customer intelligence and automation tools to our B2B marketing methods. These enable dynamic content on B2B portals and emails and account based marketing campaigns (ABM). The end outcome?Conversations with decision makers. Our brand campaigns positively influence their decisions in your favour.

Thought leadership portrayal, an important ingredient of any B2B marketing effort, is driven by our B2B content creation team. Our B2B content team has helped author high-impact articles and B2B adverts, positively impacting the perception of several enterprise and SMB brands.

B2B lead-generation campaigns, employer branding campaigns, CSR campaigns – we’ve done it all. Partner us to grow your B2B business and enhance your brand’s perception.

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Social Listening

If you are not utilising the ton of digital data about your brand and competition, you might be missing out on using invaluable information. Our social listening and market insights teams helps you unearth insights from the chatter around your brand.

Our online reputation management and analytics service is powered by a proprietary technology platform, which uses deep learning and natural language processing (NLP). The platform listens into a multitude of digital sources, characterizes each comment, tweet or review in real time and culls out insights which helps you know more about your business and brand.

We provide services for online reputation management and market research. Our business intelligence team helps you dive deep into the unstructured data around your brand and come out with specific insights you might be looking for. Such insights could become the seeds for new product and campaign ideas.

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Check out how we used our proprietary AI/ NLP based social listening and market research technology, GenY Labs, to help a leading hospital brand monitor mentions, provide customer service and react to crises in real time. The listening capabilities were supplemented by a strong ERP to escalate issues to various SPOCS and reduce the TAT to less than few hours for complex patient queries.

Transformation Consulting

Our transformation consulting practice catalyzes your move towards using digital. The means and measures of running digital are vastly different and therefore requires specialized expertise. Our transformation team helps deliver this change.

We work on all the ingredients which enable digital transformation. This includes laying out the blueprint, phase wise implementation, recruiting for leadership roles, building performance dashboards and training the digital team.

Our digital strategy team has advised some of the leading brands, media houses and organizations on how to make the right choices within digital. Our consultation model provides the needed flexibility – pure advisory, build-operate-transfer (BOT) or running the complete show on digital.

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