Performance Marketing

Lend your brand the performance marketing edge. Keep the cash register ringing.

Our performance marketing team starts from first principles, adds the technology edge and improvises further based on years of our experience. An important differentiator of ours is the proprietary technologies we deploy to extract the best performance from your marketing spends. Use of digital marketing platforms (DMPs), programmatic bidding and end-to-end attribution models power our optimisation methods. These technologies have been carefully crafted based on first hand experience of working on campaigns across categories, industries and company sizes.

Our performance marketing team is led by some of the best and experienced in the domain. Partner with us and see first hand how our analytics’ secret sauce drives your brand to a market leading position.

Performance Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliate
  • Programmatic
  • Display

SEO for the long term, based on fundamentals.

SEO can be confusing if you go by all the free advice on offer. Change the tags, get back links, build internal links – the checklists are never ending. Our approach to SEO is methodical & we apply the best in class tools to bring you real long term results.

Getting lost into the detail of search engine optimization is easy. There is a lot of technical jargon thrown around and several ‘experts’ to deal with. SEO for us is a long term investment. There are no overnight results. We believe that if your website has rich, unique, engaging content relevant for the user, they would spend more time on these pages, mention the content on social media and share the content. In the long term this is the only sustainable to improve the search ranks for your website.


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The right leads drive business and we get it.

Plain vanilla search engine marketing is passé. We deploy a 360 degree effort on lead generation. Combining SEM, social media enabled lead generation as well as mobile ads, our methodology can enhance your sales funnel significantly. And we don’t stop at lead generation. We nurture them in the true sense!

If your ad-spends on digital are increasing without impacting the number of leads, you’d benefit immensely from consulting with our team of lead generation experts. We have successfully shown our competence to improve both the quality and quantity of leads for the same advertising spend several times in the past. How do we do it? Our recipe starts all the way from meeting the end consumer, fine tuning the communication based on their feedback, creating interactive landing pages, optimizing the keywords, using sophisticated tools to improve our ads and constantly measuring performance. To top it, we add the social zing as a new unexplored source of leads.

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Our relationship with affiliates gives you an edge

Our experience of running performance marketing campaigns across specialised industry verticals has helped us partner and work with a range of affiliates. Most of the engagements we drive are performance based. We partner with affiliates for both branding and lead generation campaigns on behalf of our brands.

Partnering with us for affiliate marketing implies hitting the road running. Our existing relationships and knowledge implies speed in execution. Our expertise in running integrated campaigns enable you to dynamically feed in your affiliate data into other channels being used for digital.

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Programmatic Advertising: Leveraging AI to get you ROI

We are on top of the game on programmatic. In a nut-shell, we use various programmatic advertising platforms such as DoubleClick, Oracle’s DMP amongst various programmatic platforms to create that incremental ROI which marketing professionals aspire for.

The advantage of using our programmatic capabilities is manifold. You get to understand your performing audience much better – by demography, buying behaviour and interests. Further you integrate all campaigns on the same platform, benefitting from the synergies offered by cross-channel marketing.

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Programmatic, cross-channel, display advertising

Display advertising has evolved from the vanilla insert orders to programmatic advertising. Our team has kept pace with this evolution running real-time bid campaigns for display advertising. We work with demand side platforms (DSP) and data management platforms (DMP) to power our display campaigns. This helps us to accomplish three things:

  1. Get to more touch points than others.
  2. Get more contextual and personalized than the usual.
  3. Using real time bidding, we help get more for the same advertising spends.

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