The healthcare industry is very diverse comprising pharmaceutical, biotech, medial devices and healthcare delivery amongst other streams. New age technologies have created new participants such as telehealth. The digital marketing context and needs are as diverse.

Our experience of running digital for almost all of these verticals stands us in good stead when we take the next challenge within the healthcare domain.

  • Challenges
    • A regulated industry. Needs to follow the guidelines which vary by country
    • An industry under tremendous cost pressures. Can we use digital to improve efficiencies?
    • An industry being disrupted by technology. Can digital channels be a natural fit for an industry being changed by digital technologies?
  • Insights
    • Trust is paramount. Therefore, brand building (over anything else) should be the goal for digital marketing. Get into the consideration set.
    • Integrated marketing is important. Instead of doing digital standalone go along with ATL.
    • The most important role of digital can be the last mile (or last minute) connect. Be available when people search, make the transaction of appointment easy. Provide valuable information to researching patients and care givers.
  • Solutions
    • Performance marketing to improve efficiencies. Acquire patients at low costs
    • Engage and educate consumers. Enter their consideration set. Our healthcare content team can help develop engaging content.
    • Create web-assets which educate as well as help get the job done (read: appointments, EHRs etc.)
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