Digital Presence

Our digital presence team helps spread your brand’s message to more people, more effectively. Our team uses specialized techniques to define consumer segments, chose the right positioning and devises the right communication strategy to help deliver the message to the right audience.

Our digital presence practice is run by creative leaders who have built several industry leading brands in their past careers. The team brings in the required agility in creativity which yields some of the most creative campaigns adding to your brand’s equity.

Our experience of working on a variety of brands has helped us device smart technologies which help measure your brand’s share of voice and share of engagement vis-a-vis your competitors. Our content curation engine helps your brand publish winning content with ease. Incremental technologies which add up to give your brand a significant advantage.

Digital Presence
  • Social
  • Web
  • Mobile

Brands are publishers and need to dish out engaging content in different forms. The better the content, the better the brands’ buzz. Our content expertize differentiates us.

There is a reason why social media marketing is often referred to as content marketing. Regardless of which social platform is contemporary or which device has the fancy of the world, everyone is consuming and will continue to consume content. This content needs to be rich, having either wisdom or humor to engage the audience and should be grasp in a limited span of time. In nut-shell, the content should be value adding to the consumer’s life. Our team’s primary competence is the ability to create such content to suit your brand’s needs.

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How a viral Social Media Campaign targeted at Health Influencers led to a 400% increase in fan base on Facebook and Twitter thereby building a long term asset for a new Health Insurance entrant.


A visitor landing on your website is the first moment of truth for your brand. First impressions last forever. Today, impressions on your brand & business are made on your website. We ensure that those impressions are positive and lasting!

Very often brands ignore the importance of a good web presence, where the first impressions are being made and perceptions are being formed. It is therefore important to get this important touch point for your brand or business right. We help you weigh functionality & aesthetics, help in making the website social ready, content ready and search ready. Given the increasing consumption of content on mobile phones and tablets, all our designs are responsive..

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Majority of what your brand says online is consumed on mobile. And therefore your brand must be at its best on mobile. Starting from whether your website shows up the right way on a mobile screen to whether your audience is being engaged when they are using their mobile. We help your brand do just that.

Is your brand mobile ready yet? Consumption of internet and online services is happening on smart phones and tablets more than on desktops. Our experience helps brands deal with this changing paradigm deftly. In fact, we transform this as an opportunity. Partner us to improve your brand’s salience on mobile.


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