Web Presence

A visitor landing on your website is the first moment of truth for your brand

First impressions last forever. Today, impressions on your brand & business are made on your website. We ensure that those impressions are positive and lasting!

Very often brands ignore the importance of a good web presence, where the first impressions are being made and perceptions are being formed. It is therefore important to get this important touch point for your brand or business right. We help you weigh functionality & aesthetics, help in making the website social ready, content ready and search ready. Given the increasing consumption of content on mobile phones and tablets, all our designs are responsive.

Web design with functionality & aesthetics

Our web-design team helps connect your web design strategy with your marketing objectives. Our technical team can enable all the functionality that you need, be it lead generation forms, chat, social media connectivity, analytics integration or enabling the ability to serve ads. Our experience in being a full service digital marketing agency enables us to connect marketing elements with the way your website has been designed. For instance, if your marketing strategy requires regular blogs to be published, we enable that. If you wish to showcase your brand’s social followers, we enable that too. Trust our team to make the right trade-offs between functionality and aesthetics!

Social integration

You might be missing a trick if your brand’s content is not shareable or cannot be tweeted. An integral part of our design strategy is to integrate social media in all aspects of the design. Another example is that of showcasing your brand advocates, or simply connecting your campaigns on social media on your web-property as well. Our experience in all aspects of digital marketing gives us this extra edge over other web-design houses.

Search engine optimization

How well your website is crawled and indexed depends heavily on the choices made during the design of your website. Should you use static or dynamic content? What should the URL structure be? What kind of structured data should be there on the pages? How should goal conversions be set-up? All of these are best thought and implemented upfront. Rely on us to give you a design which is SEO ready!

Rich content ready

Our web design team’s involvement in content publishing enables them to help render your website content ready. The best practices on web-design require the design to enable content publishing – be it blogs, newsletters, infographics, videos or animations. Where would these go in the design in order to make consumption easy? Trust our design team to help make the right choices for you. A rich content ready website is the only design which is future-proof.


More content is being consumed on mobile phones and tablets than on desktops or laptops. Does your website function well on mobile phones? Is it touch enabled? Does it scroll well on small screen phones? Is the test visible? We specialize in responsive web design which helps your website to come across elegantly regardless of the device being used. All our web designs are responsive to ensure that the looks of your website do not depend on the device being used.

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