Financial Services

BFSI is perhaps the heaviest users of digital technologies, next only to travel. The benchmarks are high. Our BFSI team is ‘in-the-know’ of the latest in digital within the BFSI industry.

Our experience of working with banks, insurance, fintech enterprises can be valuable for any BFSI brand. We can hit the ground running for your brand, leveraging our BFSI experience.

  • Challenges
    • Products and services are becoming non-differentiated. Similar services, offers, interest rates, and so on. How does a brand stand out?
    • An industry being disrupted by technology. Paperless technologies, Blockchain, AI driven assessments are changing the way the industry functions. How does digital marketing aid in this transition?
    • Cold call fatigue is setting in. Consumers are not taking kindly to intrusive calls and salesy emails.
  • Insights
    • Help the consumer using digital. Make it easier to understand product, browse through them and consume. Responsiveness is resolving issues is valued.
    • Use intelligent communication which is personable, versus a generic and cold communication.
    • Build brand recognition by going cross-channel. The consumer needs to see the brand in multiple platforms and context.
  • Solutions
    • Personalized marketing & cross-channel marketing using digital marketing platforms (DMPs)
    • Create digital assets which are simple to use. The consumer does not want jargon. They wish someone could simplify.
    • Responsiveness brought about by active listening is an acute need. Our listening solution helps.

We have worked with some of the biggies in the Financial industry including brands like Max Bupa Health Insurance, Cigna TTK Health Insurance, IFBI (Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance) , Indian Health Organization, etc. We have implemented some unique web features and marketing automation to aid lead generation in these heavy traffic segments.

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