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If you are not utilizing the ton of digital data about your brand and competition, you might be missing out on using invaluable information. Our social listening and market insights teams helps you unearth insights from the chatter around your brand.

Our online reputation management and analytics service is powered by a proprietary technology platform, which uses deep learning and natural language processing (NLP). The platform listens into a multitude of digital sources, characterizes each comment, tweet or review in real time and culls out insights which helps you know more about your business and brand.

We provide services for online reputation management and market research. Our business intelligence team helps you dive deep into the unstructured data around your brand and come out with specific insights you might be looking for. Such insights could become the seeds for new product and campaign ideas.

Social Listening
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Real time insights to power your brand

Market research using digital can provide you with real time insights on your brand, competition and category. The advantage? You get unprompted views from thousands of consumers, in real time and at a cost which is a fraction of what a conventional market research would cost.

The use of the such dip-stick analysis can span sentiment measurement to new product ideation. Unearth deep insights about your product, category, competition by listening into real conversations from this ‘voice of the customer’ platform.

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Our proprietary ReputeProTM is an artificial intelligence based tool which helps find all your brand mentions and automatically categorise those as positive, negative or neutral. Our response services keeps the dialogue & buzz going.

Lasting impressions about your brand are made based on the buzz around the brand, either positive or negative. Several brands have done very well because of the generally positive buzz about it in social networks, forums, review boards etc. In contrast there are several brands who have suffered irreparable damage due to a negative buzz about your brand which spread out virally. Our technology and the service around it helps keep a tab on the buzz, respond to it in time and keep the conversation with your fans going.

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Check out how we used our proprietary AI/ NLP based social listening and market research technology, GenY Labs, to help a leading hospital brand monitor mentions, provide customer service and react to crises in real time. The listening capabilities were supplemented by a strong ERP to escalate issues to various SPOCS and reduce the TAT to less than few hours for complex patient queries.

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