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How a viral Social Media Campaign targeted at Health Influencers led to a 400% increase in fan base on Facebook and Twitter thereby building a long term asset for a new Health Insurance entrant.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, brands are publishers

Brands are publishers and need to dish out engaging content in different forms. The better the content, the better the brand’s buzz. Our expertise in social media marketing differentiates us.

There is a reason why social media marketing is often referred to as content marketing. Regardless of which social platform is contemporary or which device has the fancy of the world, everyone is consuming and will continue to consume content. This content needs to be rich, having either wisdom or humor to engage the audience and should be grasp in a limited span of time. In nut-shell, the content should be value adding to the consumer’s life. Our team’s primary competence is the ability to create such content to suit your brand’s needs.

Defining the right content strategy

Great content marketing starts from a well-rounded content strategy. We start from what is the brands’ essence, who is the target audience and where are they likely to consume content published by your brand. Further we assess the right frequency of communication depending on the category, the form of content, the share of voice required for the brand on digital mediums. All of these are also weighed against the budget at disposal.

Realizing that content creation can be continually improved, our team relies on analytics to check the content types are doing well versus others and fine-tunes the content mix on all platforms being used.

Supporting your content marketing mix

Great posts, witty tweets, engrossing web-copy, informal blogs, great looking infographics, animations, banners, videos for your Youtube channel – we have the competence to create the entire range of content. Depending on what platform is best suited for your brand and what the target audience is, our team creates high quality content which is relevant to the consumer and is in line with your brand’s stated goals.

Browse through some of the content we are creating and managing for our clients and you’d get an idea of what our competencies are. After all, seeing is believing!

Our content processes

A grammar issue in the copy or a typo does more damage to your brand equity than the gain of publishing any piece of content. We recognize how important it is to be creative, original and accurate. We have developed processes and build teams around these processes to ensure that content being published by your brand is always kosher.

Using our sophisticated analytics tools we determine what kind of content works and what content type needs to be weeded. We use state-of-the-art content management tools to make collaborative content creation possible and the approval process smooth.

Our social media content team

Being creative every day is not easy. We have created and nurtured an atmosphere which enables creative expression. Our team comprises of experienced designers, copy-writers and creative professionals who have had the best of education in their respective fields. Add to this the experience they have gained working on different brands over the past few years and you’d have an unbeatable combination. Our content team churns out creative content appropriate for your brands every day.

Combining youth and experience is important and we have successfully accomplished that within the team. To understand the lingo of the youth, one needs to be part of their lives, quite literally! Our team has a good mix of the youth and experience so that the content created for your brand is in sync with the times, but is also endowed with the right marketing message.

The content team also comprises editorial staff who provide oversight to the team of content creators and ensure that typos and grammar issues are kept at bay.

Social media content for SEO

Our primary approach to SEO involves creating great content. If your website or portal has great content, visitors will spend more time (reducing bounce rate), interact more with the content (more clicks and page views) and have things to share on their social networks. That is fundamentally what makes for good SEO, much more than what back links and technical gimmicks can get you. With our content team, we are able to deliver great SEO results while improving your brand’s equity with the consumers making it a double win!

How a viral Social Media Campaign targeted at Health Influencers led to a 400% increase in fan base on Facebook and Twitter thereby building a long term asset for a new Health Insurance entrant Viral social media campaign targeted at health influencers 400% increase in followers on Facebook and Twitter Executive Summary Business Challenge A.

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