Consumer Internet

We have served a variety of consumer internet companies spanning e-commerce, fintech, travel platforms, e-learning, mobile apps and digital health. Our experiences in this exciting new space have helped us develop a specialized competence for this vertical.

Being born with the internet, the consumer internet space requires brands to be at the cutting-edge. New trends and innovation are being written in this industry. It would behoove brands to engage an agency who understands the latest than to reinvent with someone else.

  • Challenges
    • Industry dynamics keep changing. Difficult to keep pace with the changing environment and competition.
    • Typically very strained margin businesses. Need to be very efficient in acquiring customers. Businesses typically depend on retaining acquired customers and expand their “life time value” (LTV).
    • Investment dependent. Need heavy investments upfront.
  • Insights
    • Need to keep moving, experimenting and adapting to the changing context. Need an agile partner who can help you out-think competition.
    • Performance marketing excellence is at the core of a successful strategy. If you cannot get cost of customer acquisition and LTV right, it is an uphill battle.
    • Consumers expect service excellence. Digital should enable that.
  • Solutions
    • An agile digital strategy team, which hustles with you to keep pace with the changes. Helps deliver a lead vs. Others.
    • Performance marketing which combines organic and paid efforts to deliver high-pace growth but profitably.
    • Automation, chat bots and the like to create meaningful experiences for the consumer

Consumer Internet is growing field and we have had the chance to work with some emerging start ups from mega brands like Times Internet, Arvind Limited, NIIT Ltd, etc and also small and medium business like Krishna Pearls & Jewellers, Medvarsity Online Limited, etc.

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