Social Echo

Social Echo is a social media analytics technology which helps you benchmark yourself versus competition and versus your role model brands across the world.

Social Echo has created the equivalent of the GRP model to be able to measure, with a fair degree of accuracy, the reach and engagement scores of your social channels and compare it with competition. Social Echo estimates the budgets which competition might have spent on social channels, thereby helping you do your media planning better.

  • See your brand’s share of voice (SOV) and share of engagement (SOE) in real time.
  • Understand what content works for you and your peers and unearth the reason why.
  • Understand media spends across channels to plan your own spends better.
Measure SOV and SOE of your brand on social
Your brand might be doing well on all social metrics (number of likes, comments, re-tweets and so on) but how does it stack against the competition? At the very basic level, if you reach your audience more and consistently versus competition, your brand commands a better recall. Add to this a better engagement rate versus competition and your brand might be more preferred. Social Echo helps you achieve this through its proprietary measurement methods.
Engage consumers better
SocialEcho provides you with data on winning content across your industry. This helps you come up with more such content which has higher likelihood to driving engagement. A higher SOE goal and benchmarks from the world over can help your content team come up with significantly better content, thereby setting new benchmarks for themselves!
Plan spends better
SocialEcho estimates by post and by time the amounts of money that a brand might have spend over a period of time. This can be an invaluable input for your media planning team to chalk out how they would spend the budgets across social channels to get to the desired SOV and SOE scores. SocialEcho can help add logic to your media spend requests!
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