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Market research on digital provides you with real-time insights

Market research using digital can provide you with real-time insights on your brand, competition, and category. The advantage? You get unprompted views from thousands of consumers, in real time and at a cost which is a fraction of what a conventional market research would cost.

Our AI-powered market research platform

GenY Labs has created an AI powered market research platform which applies deep learning to streaming data and characterizes each tweet, comment, post and review about your brand or your competitors and adds insights to the data. In brief, our platform accomplishes the following:

  • Listen: Listen into a variety of data sources. Think all social, review boards, news, influential blogs. Even if you have sources which are unique, we help integrate
  • Analyze: Add dimensions to the data in real time. This could be dimensions such as location, sentiment, issues relevant to the particular industry or category
  • Act: The platform integrates with all popular CRMs (Salesforce, Eloqua, Zoho), Support Desk programs (Zendesk, Freshdesk) and visualization platforms (Bigtable, Tableau).

As a brand custodian, you can now know instantly what consumers think about your brand and if you’ve run a campaign, whether it led to the desired consequence.

What kind of questions do we help answer?

We undertake research assignments which help understand perceptions around your brand, customer intelligence projects as well as campaign measurement programs. We can help answer very specific questions, such as:

  1. Did my campaign lead to improved recall, preference and purchase intent?
  2. What is the perception around my brand? What describes these perceptions?
  3. How do I compare on different brand equity metrics versus my competition?
  4. What trends can I use to come up with new products or brand extension ideas?

In summary, whatever market research questions you might have, we’d have answers for you. Only in a shorter span of time, from thousands of real comments and at a fraction of the cost!

How have we helped our customers?

Our platform is being used by several international brands to find perceptions, measure campaign performance and detect operational issues. These include players in the consumer internet, BFSI, healthcare, education, automobile and real estate space. Some of the insights our research have revealed have helped brands create new campaigns, change their brand positioning and make operational interventions.

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