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Factoring in industry nuances in Digital Marketing

A one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing is non ideal. At GenY Medium, we have created specialised teams for the industries that interest us. These include healthcare, BFSI, education and consumer internet. As we gain more depth in newer industries, we plan to add to this list.

Each of these industries have very unique needs and are governed by specific regulations. Advertising platforms, affiliates, content needs are unique to these industries. While serving scores of clients within each industry, we have developed a nuanced approach to each of these industries.


The healthcare industry is very diverse comprising pharmaceutical, biotech, medial devices and healthcare delivery amongst other streams. New age technologies have created new participants such as telehealth. The digital marketing context and needs are as diverse.

Our experience of running digital for almost all of these verticals sands us in good stead when we take the next challenge within the healthcare domain.

Our services help inform, engage and acquire patients through performance marketing. Our digital presence competence helps your brand achieve recall and preference versus competition. By listening to your consumers and patients constantly, we are able to provide real time insights and flag out the interventions needed. Read more to know our sectoral insights for the healthcare domain.

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Check out how we used our proprietary AI/ NLP based social listening and market research technology, GenY Labs, to help a leading hospital brand monitor mentions, provide customer service and react to crises in real time. The listening capabilities were supplemented by a strong ERP to escalate issues to various SPOCS and reduce the TAT to less than few hours for complex patient queries.

Consumer Internet

We have served a variety of consumer internet companies spanning e-commerce, fintech, travel platforms, e-learning, mobile apps and digital health. Our experiences in this exciting new space have helped us develop a specialised competence for this vertical.

With internet directly driving business, the consumer internet space requires brands to be at the cutting-edge of digital. Business models in the consumer internet space get disrupted routinely and the approach to digital needs to change in tandem. New trends and innovation in digital are being written by this industry's players.

It would behoove brands to engage an agency who understands the latest than to reinvent with someone else. We leverage our experience across verticals and business models to bring the state-of-the-art in digital to you on Day 1.

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Trending #1 on twitter OBJECTIVE Create an engaging social media campaign for a travel brand during the Holi festival Cross-leverage activity on facebook & twitter to maximize impact on both…


BFSI is perhaps the heaviest users of digital technologies, next only to travel. The benchmarks on the practice of digital are high. Our BFSI team is ‘in-the-know’ of the latest in digital within the BFSI industry and therefore best positioned to work on BFSI brands.

Our performance marketing practice gets you customers at a healthy life time value to customer acquisition cost ratio. Our social listening platforms help you become more responsive to your customer requests versus your peers. This, and much more.

Our experience of working with banks, insurance, fintech enterprises can be valuable for any BFSI brand. We can hit the ground running for your brand, leveraging our BFSI experience.

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cignattk digital

We used email automation to help one of India’s largest insurance companies improve their contact center productivity by 12X, and directly influence 30% of sales through digital mediums.


Barring e-learning, the education industry has been traditionally a laggard in terms of adoption of digital. A very traditional, word-of-mouth driven category presents unique challenges for those pursuing the digital channel for customer engagement and new customer acquisition.

Our experience within education spans vocational education, university admissions campaigns, e-learning, digital products (subscriptions), test-prep and assessments. The range of work we have done helps us deal with the any challenge on digital you might be faced with.

With us you’d find a partner who might have already solved for problems which you are yet to encounter!

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How we increased the revenue by 30X and reduced cost of acquisition to 1/16th for leading Online Education player

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