GenY Labs provides a listening platform Auris which helps draw actionable insights from the chatter around brands, products and categories. The platform listens to a variety of sources spanning social, news, review boards, emails and blogs. AI/NLP based models help decipher the nuances related to sentiment, root cause analysis and perceptions.

Auris is SaaS based and takes less than 5 minutes to setup. Get the Auris advantage and unearth more insights from the buzz around your brand.

  • Listen into all the buzz across social, news, review boards and blogs.
  • Get insights beyond sentiment. Get to the root cause of issues.
  • Take action through the platform or through easy integrations.
Listen into the buzz real time
A lot is being said about your brand, category and competitors. Listen into all of this in real time across social channels (facebook, youtube, twitter, google+ amongst others), news, review boards and blogs. Listening real time can enhance your responsiveness to customer enquiries and complaints.
Draw industry specific insights
Investing in manual market research can be complemented by market research using what has already been said. Imagine sample sizes which are multiple times what you would otherwise use, and views which are unprompted. This is a wealth of information which can help you understand perceptions around your brand, unearth operational issues, detect crises early on and get new product or campaign ideas.
Take action
The platform allows for easy integrations into CRMs, ticketing systems, visualization tools and so on. Use the natively available charts to visualize trends, discover issues and locations of your complaints. These can form the basis of localized campaigns, new product ideas, operational interventions and the like. Get the GenY Labs’ advantage!
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