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We used email automation to help one of India’s largest insurance companies improve their contact center productivity by 12X, and directly influence 30% of sales through digital mediums.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation: Right audience. Right message. Right time.

The right message, to the right audience, through the right medium and at the right time – our marketing automation practice adds this competence to your marketing armoury. Our teams have consulted on and implemented marketing automation for various brands, both in the B2B and B2C context. The impact has been significant – better opens, click-through, leads, meetings (in the B2B context) and obviously revenues.

Marketing automation platforms we work on

We work on a variety of platforms to enable marketing automation including marketing cloud products. These include popular platforms such as Adobe Campaign, Pardot, Eloqua and Hubspot. We also develop custom automation platforms by working on open source platforms such as Mautic.

Our multi-platform competencies enable us to deploy appropriate platforms, ranging from open source to enterprise solutions. If you wish to scale up to more comprehensive solutions or wish that your systems integrate with automation platforms, our team could be of help.

Our approach to marketing automation

Marketing automation is most often seen as merely an extension of ‘drip campaigns’. That is a myopic approach. For us marketing automation brings to life cross-channel marketing. Our full-service capability gives us an upper hand while deploying marketing automation. Important elements in our approach include:

  1. Start by understanding the distinct consumer segments who could be buyers of the brand.
  2. Start with a deep dive on the consumer’s buying behaviour in the context of the brand. What drives the consumer to consider, which differentiators are meaningful, what concerns need to be countered and how much time does it take to make a typical conversion happen.
  3. Map out all touch points where the brand could communicate with the consumer over the buying cycle – this could span social, email, phone, display and offline interactions.
  4. Create a communication strategy – what needs to be communicated to consumers at different stages of their buying journey, in what form and manner.
  5. Integrate all systems to the marketing automation system – CRM, advertising channels, DMPs if being used and so on. Helps do
  6. Develop creatives which are rendered with dynamic content
  7. Monitor and improvise based on results

This gets you the best possible outcome from your investment in marketing automation systems. Our specialists can guide you through this entire process and then execute the program.

Impact of marketing automation

Our marketing automation consulting and implementations have brought down costs dramatically, helped deliver revenue growth using cross-channel campaigns and unearthed new targeting opportunities for our portfolio of brands. Partner us to leverage marketing automation to your advantage.

Marketing Automation helps an Insurance Company improve their Sales Force Productivity by 12X How email automation helped one of India’s largest insurance companies improve their contact center productivity by 12X, and directly influence 30% of sales through digital mediums Executive Summary Insurance sales are typically driven by solicitation and require a high degree of persuasion,.

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