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How Performance Marketing for one of the world’s largest Software companies resulted in tremendous spike in leads, consistent week-on-week, shorter sales cycles and higher deal closure...

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be confusing if you go by all the free advice on offer. Change the tags, get back links, build internal links – the checklists are never ending. Our approach to SEO is methodical & we apply the best in class tools to bring you real long term results.

Getting lost into the detail of search engine optimization is easy. There is a lot of technical jargon thrown around and several ‘experts’ to deal with. SEO for us is a long term investment. There are no overnight results. We believe that if your website has rich, unique, engaging content relevant for the user, they would spend more time on these pages, mention the content on social media and share the content. In the long term this is the only sustainable to improve the search ranks for your website.

SEO audit to understand current issues

Our approach involves performing a through SEO audit of your website to understand what the issues could be. This is done by our SEO team using some of the leading SEO tools. The audit combines technical errors as well as content deficiencies. The technical issues include issues such as 404 errors, issues with tags, and structural data issues amongst others.

The audit results and ideas from our team are used to create a roadmap to improve search engine optimization ranks. Typically, we might make a 6 month to 1 year of intervention to make a long lasting SEO impact for your website.

Technical interventions

Technical interventions are to deal with structural issues with the website, eliminating the re-direct errors, all the meta-tag issues as well as improving the website’s speed of loading and responsiveness. Our interventions also include setting the website up to be able to be able to make use of content management systems such as wordpress or joomla to enable easy content updation and publishing. These interventions are akin to creating the right foundation for pursuing our content led SEO strategy.

Content led SEO strategy

Our belief is that is we have the right content on a website, the search ranks will improve over time. It boils down to delivering a great user experience using content. We help device a content creation and publishing strategy for our clients with the ultimate aim of improving engagement levels for visitors. Our content capabilities come in handy enabling us to do blogs, infographics, animations, videos and social platform posts. With our concerted, all-out effort on content, you can rest assured of a significantly improved organic traffic built ground-up from a long tail of keywords relevant to your brand.

Technology tools to monitor SEO performance

In the spirit of using the best technology in all aspects of what we do for our brands, we deploy some of the best SEO evaluation tools. We do not depend on one tool. Rather, we use a combination of multiple tools and also compare the parameters across competition as well. These tools help ensure that no trick possible has been missed and that our interventions are yielding results over time. We also use these technologies to ascertain how we are widening the gap between your brand’s search ranks and your competitors.

It’s a continuous effort

We emphasize with all our clients upfront, that SEO improvement is a long term investment and is a continuous effort. The rank of your website is based on its performance relative to competition. Therefore a discontinuous effort can lead to inconsistent results. SEO for us is long term and strategic. Any investment which gets zero cost traffic is worth it!

How Performance Marketing for one of the world’s largest Software companies resulted in spike in leads, consistent week-on-week, shorter sales cycles and higher deal closure Digital Marketing efforts could influence an average of 3 qualified leads (from enterprises that have revenue in excess of USD 250 million) week-on-week, every week, and approximately USD 3 million of.

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