Barring e-learning, the education industry has been traditionally a laggard in terms of adoption of digital. A very traditional, word-of-mouth driven category presents unique challenges for those pursuing the digital channel for customer engagement and new customer acquisition.

Our experience within education spans vocational, university admissions, e-learning, digital products (subscriptions), test-prep and assessments. With us you’d find a partner who might have already solved for problems which you are yet to encounter!

  • Challenges
    • A high involvement category driven by trust and word of mouth. Challenge for relatively new entrants.
    • Creating a brand is a long drawn process requiring steady investments in the brand over years.
    • Absence of champions within to evangelize digital. The need is not apparent, especially to established players.
  • Insights
    • Any strategy should have a significant investment towards building the brand using digital (versus driving ‘sales’).
    • Learning outcome driven branding. “How are the alumni doing?” is the proverbial proof in the pudding.
    • ‘Sales cycles’ are long. Consumers research, compare, speak with current and past students and then decide.
  • Solutions
    • A creative digital presence team which can put together winning campaigns and help enhance the brand’s equity.
    • Performance marketing methods which cater to the long sales cycle. Cross-channel content marketing which persuades the consumer in multiple ways.

We have developed a strong portfolio in education while working with brands like Aakash Education Pvt Ltd, NIIT Ltd, NIIT University, Medvarsity Online Limited, Coach Factory and many more. Our innovative methods of targeting on Digital Platforms have helped organizations working in niche as well as broad segments.

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