How we increased the revenue by 30X and reduced cost of acquisition to 1/16th for leading Online Education player



Plain vanilla search engine marketing is passé. We deploy a 360 degree effort on lead generation for PPC campaigns. Combining SEM, social media enabled lead generation as well as mobile ads, our methodology can enhance your sales funnel significantly. And we don’t stop at lead generation. We nurture them in the true sense!

If your ad-spends on digital are increasing without impacting the number of leads, you’d benefit immensely from consulting with our team of lead generation experts. We have successfully shown our competence to improve both the quality and quantity of leads for the same advertising spend several times in the past. How do we do it? Our recipe starts all the way from meeting the end consumer, fine tuning the communication based on their feedback, creating interactive landing pages, optimizing the keywords, using sophisticated tools to improve our ads and constantly measuring performance. To top it, we add the social zing as a new unexplored source of leads.

Why consumer understanding is important to improve lead generation especially for PPC campaigns?

Before communicating with the consumer through your ads and further through the content of your landing pages, it is important to assimilate the buying process of the consumer and the context of her purchase and consumption. Our lead generation process usually begins with focused group and personal interviews with target consumers followed by mapping the competition and their communication. The insights from the consumers and understanding the gaps in the marketplace helps us fine tune the communication. As a result, our ad-copies are more relatable leading to better click-throughs, our keyword set better represents the language of the consumer and the landing pages have a communication which jives with the thought process of the visitor. The result? Great ROI for your campaigns or in other words more mileage extracted from your marketing spend!

Social media for lead generation?

By adding social media to the lead generation sources we are able to augment those from Google Adwords. Our proprietary methodology called SegmentProTM allows micro-targeting going beyond the targeting allowed by Facebook. If you understand your consumers well and have been able to do a good psychographic, socio and behavioral segmentation, you can leverage this methodology to your advantage. This translates to more and better leads. Add the social element to your lead generation efforts. You’d be surprised at the ROI you can get from these!

Usage of technology to optimize lead generation

Using cutting age technologies and analytics is the ethos of our firm. Our constant endeavor is to evaluate and deploy new technologies which improve our lead generation methods. We use the best platforms to run PPC SEM campaigns and audit the campaigns continually to extract the best results. Our reporting can be as frequently as you’d desire. We send detailed analytics on our campaigns on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the nature of the campaign and the tenure of the campaign.

Nurturing the leads to augment the sales funnel at all levels

Our lead generation campaigns do not end at handing over the list of leads back to the client. We develop a holistic lead nurturing program to persuade the leads to convert. Our content capability allows us to create great newsletters, emailers and other campaigns to push them along the sales cycle. We deploy re-targeting and re-marketing on search and social to ensure that the best effort has been made to enable conversion. On several occasions we have even trained people on the client’s side on how to call leads, use CRM tools and follow-up. Enhanced conversions at each step of the funnel implies growing the ROI multi-fold!

Constantly learning the tricks of our trade

Our honest submission is that we do not know it all and will never know. We are constantly training ourselves on the latest techniques in running SEM and social lead generation campaigns. Our experience of dealing with new lead generation challenges every day helps us grow our competence continuously, eventually helping your lead generation effort.

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