AccuratorTM is a content ideation engine, which brings forth content from around the world and help curate your brand’s content such that it is evidence backed and around relevant themes. Helps you with cues, content creation ideas, data sources and so on. What’s more? This is real time.

AccuratorTM helps content creators improve their productivity and versatility and therefore ensures that your brand is always publishing value adding content which engages the consumer.

  • Get a curated list of content published the world over on the topics of your choice
  • Only credible, evidence backed content, so that you don’t have to worry about authenticity.
  • Easy delivery to your mailbox.
Accelerate quality content development
Publishing credible, value-adding content is largely a manual exercise. It should be – given that one needs to be original and maintain a style & tone consistent to the brand’s need. Accurator, helps accelerate quality content development by providing writers cues from the world over on themes and topics they’d be interested in. Imagine a list of ideas which you can pick from – that is half the work done!
Display thought leadership
Content needs to display your brand’s thought leadership in the domain. This is clichéd but very difficult to implement. Say you wish to write on IOT, telehealth, genetic research and the like. How do you do a good job, consistently. Reporting about the most recent advancements, achievements and awards and trivia is one way to establish thought leadership by association. Accurator helps you publish thought leadership driving content, consistently.
Do contextual content
All the content we push through Accurator is straight out of the press and therefore is contextual. This can help you be the first to know and publish such content versus your peers. It is well known that content which is ‘news’ and contextual engages significantly more than the usual and therefore can be a good differentiator in your brand’s publishing tool-kit.
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