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Affiliate Advertising

Our Relationship with Affiliates gives you an Edge

Our experience of running performance marketing campaigns across specialized industry verticals has helped us partner and work with a range of affiliates. Most of the engagements we drive are performance based. We partner with affiliates for both branding and lead generation campaigns on behalf of our brands.

Why using affiliates is a smart idea?

To address this question, we should start by putting out a disclaimer. We should use the right affiliate, only then it would amount to being a smart idea. Good affiliates drive the right audience to your platform, because the audience is verified and curated for a specific need. Further, since the affiliate provides this service to several brands, the cost is cross-subsidized versus having your own lead-acquisition system.

This implies that you get access to those who are most likely looking for your product or service and at a cost which is typically lower than your own lead acquisition cost.

How to chose the right affiliate partner?

The right affiliate is typically aligned to a particular domain or industry and one which captures more than just contactable information of the user. For example, in the context of financial services, apart from the contactable information a good affiliate would provide information on credit ratings, household income and other relevant metrics. This helps us segment the consumers into multiple socio-economic and demographic buckets and then personalize our communication.

Our approach towards affiliate marketing

Our approach towards affiliate marketing includes: a) Sifting through the number of affiliates to work with only those who have a stringent lead-qualification process; b) Improvise by working in multiple-ways which includes display advertising, personalized emailers and creating custom campaigns; c) Integrating affiliate into other advertising platforms to get before the likely buyers on multiple touch points.

We have worked with several affiliates in the BFSI, healthcare, education and consumer internet domains. Understanding the pros and cons of each affiliate helps us recommend the ideal affiliate partners for the brands we work with.

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