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Ad2CRM brings your advertising spends data and your CRM data together, seamlessly and in real-time. This helps you optimize your campaigns for conversions rather than on intermediate metrics such as cost per lead.

Using Ad2CRM you can see real time, what your cost per lead, qualified lead and conversion is. This helps focus budgets on campaigns which yield results which matter, i.e., conversions. Using Ad2CRM can help get a significant ROI versus your current method of optimization.

  • Draw in advertising costs across channels (google, facebook, affiliates, email) at the ads & campaign level
  • Add the CRMs of your choice –Salesforce, Zoho, Leadsquared and others
  • Monitor cost/conversion metrics in real time
  • Advanced visualization integrating using PowerBI and other tools.
  • Configure reports at the frequency you desire
Real time cost/conversion monitoring to improve ROI
If you measure, you might improve. By measuring ROI of campaigns across platforms in real time, you are able to get the insights sooner and work on them.’ This is a guaranteed way to improve your overall ROI since you move the budgets around quicker and eliminate those campaigns or ads which do not produce the leads, qualified leads, prospects, conversions at the cost you’d like.
Easy integrations with advertising platforms and CRMs
Integrate all your digital platforms – Google, Facebook, DoubleClick, email or affiliates in minutes. Draw in detailed data – by campaign, adgroup, individual ads and so on. Integrate the CRMs you use in minutes. Salesforce, Eloqua, Zoho, Leadsquared or put in a request for integration. Draw in all the data for leads and conversion stages. Ad2CRM then works its magic, so that you don’t have to deal with mammoth pivot tables on your excel or create views on Tableau.
Easy visualization
From data and information to insights and wisdom. Ad2CRM’s nifty visualization helps you see various slices and dices of data to help you draw insights. For example, which ads gave me the needed volume of conversions at the right cost? What about the intermediate metrics? See all of these in charts such that insights become apparent, effortlessly.