Shorty Awards: Our campaign is in the fray!

GenY Medium as an agency is quite young and hasn’t gone about “metal hunting” yet. That hopefully will change in 2015. A campaign we ran for CignaTTK, a leading health insurance brand in India has entered the Shorty Awards.

This campaign was run first in India for CignaTTK. The response was phenomenal. The campaign was then taken up by Cigna Corp, the US parent and run under the same hashtag, namely, #myhealthie. We’ve written a case study on the campaign here.

With over 800 entries from different parts of the country, this campaign helped celebrate all the ‘health moments’ which we encounter in our daily lives. Our social analytics shows that we did very well on all engagement metrics, in fact, order of magnitude higher versus competition! A video by the brand is here for you to enjoy!

December 21, 2014
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