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The virus will linger, but the “lockdown” will end.

The virus will linger, but the “lockdown” will be over. This is the time to draw out an aggressive recovery plan. To begin drawing out such a plan, it is important to estimate what consumer behavior change we could expect. In brief, the consumers would be eager to reclaim their pre-lockdown lives but will be.

Covid-19: The Plan B for your brand

There is nothing certain about the Covid-19 lockdown and the impending downturn. Economists cannot predict how things would go back to being “normal” and when. Your Plan A, probably drawn up during the beginning of the year is not valid anymore. You need a Plan B. Amidst such uncertainty, how should you think about your.

7 Steps to Create Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Should you do Digital Marketing or not is not a question anymore. How can you successfully leverage Digital Marketing is the question to ask. The answer to this question revolves around your digital marketing objectives, you target audience, choice of channels, how to measure ROI etc. While there’s no formula for success, these 7 steps.

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