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Cost/Site Visit: The right metric to track for real estate digital campaigns

Real estate is one of the sectors to actively embrace digital marketing. Digital campaigns augment existing sales channels and provide attractive unit economics. The changing behavior of the younger buyers, especially when it comes to consuming information online, is driving up the utility of digital campaigns. The urban home-buyer is searching for, comparing properties and.

GenY Medium in news

GenY Medium recently announced its plans to expand to other cities and saw an encouraging press coverage. The approach of using technology and analytics to deliver business results, using digital marketing is something which brands of all kinds are appreciating. We’d love to keep going and build a company which truly leverages the digital and mobile.

Catalyzing digital marketing with 5 elements

McKinsey’s recently quarterly research report (February 2015) talks about five elements required to extract the most out of the $1 trillion of marketing expenditure happening globally. The elements are named: Science, Substance, Story, Speed and Simplicity. Though the research encompasses all forms of marketing, we have extracted the important takeaways for digital marketers. Science: Refers.

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