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Influencer Marketing done Right

Are you thinking about using influencer marketing to spread word about your brand? There are best practices you should consider before deploying your influencer marketing program.

An infographic on .COM and .NET domains

by GenYMedium. From Visually.

Swine Flu: An infographic representation

by GenYMedium.

Interactive Infographic: Developmental milestones for babies

An easy guide developed by GenY Medium for a leading parenting website. Child Development Milestones – 1st year infographic  

#AfricaTweets – GDP vs. Tweets!

A close look at this Economist’s infograph would show the correlation between economic prosperity and # of tweets! Ruling the twitter buzz is South Africa, followed by Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Morocco. Here’s GenY Medium, wishing all you people more $$$s and more tweets! 🙂

Say no to tobacco. Lead a healthy life!

Source: Uploaded by user via GenYmedium on Pinterest

Earth Hour 2012 – Make it possible!

Significant impact is possible with Earth Hour 2012. Share this infographic and further the cause!  

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