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Yashwant Kumar
Yashwant Kumar


Yashwant Kumar is an experienced marketing professional and learnt his trade at Procter & Gamble (P&G). Yashwant led branding initiatives for Pantene & Pringles for the South East Asia markets prior to starting GenY Medium in India.

During his 6 year stint in P&G, Yashwant worked on all aspects of marketing for the brands he managed, including digital & mobile. He oversaw creation of viral videos, mobile games and execution of social media campaigns for brands. Yashwant has also worked on product development and has a patent to his credit. Given his experience in different markets including Japan, China and Singapore, Yashwant is aware of how marketing communication needs to be tailored to different audiences for effective marketing. At P&G, Yashwant learnt first-hand about both the potential as well as the gaps in digital & mobile marketing and got the inspiration of co-found GenY Medium.

Yashwant is a B.Tech from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Bombay.

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