Social Campaign for a Health Insurance Entrant

How a viral Social Media Campaign targeted at Health Influencers led to a 400% increase in fan base on Facebook and Twitter thereby building a long term asset for a new Health Insurance entrant

  • Viral social media campaign targeted at health influencers
  • 400% increase in followers on Facebook and Twitter

Executive Summary

Business Challenge

A new entrant in the health insurance sector in India, the brand wanted to identify opportunities to leverage its presence digitally. They also wanted to build a direct association with health insurance with its brand name.

Marketing Challenge

Being a new entrant in the market, they were unsure of where to start from. The challenge for them was to be heard of and stand out amongst 28 others in the same industry.


We rode the wave of ‘selfies’, a very new phenomenon in 2013, to engage with their users and encourage them towards preventive health, giving the idea a healthy twist. How? Using a social media-driven consumer engagement campaign.

How we made it click!

Capturing the booming trend of ‘selfies’, ‘seeding’ the content through internal contests, we specifically targeted ‘health influencers’ on Facebook & Twitter.

We built an app on Facebook that required people to capture their healthy moments and share it on the platform with a #MyHealthie hashtag.


  • In order to keep the existing participants continuously engaged in the campaign while drawing new ones, we launched interesting themes every week. We asked participants to tag & share the content of the campaign to go viral.
  • We devised a multi-week engagement schedule with every week being dedicated to a particular theme, for example, eating healthy, fitness exercises, mental fitness etc.



  • Instant gratification to the participants in the form of rewards and featuring the winners in the next day’s posts encouraged more and more people to participate in the campaign.



  • During the whole campaign, various kinds of posts including puzzles, user generated content, updates about the #myhealthie tree, etc were done to fuel the pace and momentum of the campaign.



  • The campaign was targeted in such a way that through our engagement posts, their likes, comments and shares grew tremendously organically.
  • On Twitter, the ‘myhealthie’ hashtag was popularized and followers were asked to share their healthy moments.


What impact did we make?

  • The response this campaign gained was tremendous, where participants actively engaged in sharing their healthy selfies and stories.
  • Close to 500 healthies were received till end of week3


  • The total reach of Facebook page increased remarkably after the launch of #myhealthie campaign.


  • This helped the brand majorly in community building, as the number of page likes increased consistently during the campaign. Also, the number of comments & shares increased drastically when the theme was changed to puzzles in Week 3 and when the winners were announced.

  • The number of twitter followers almost quadrupled from 83 to 307, with its reach increasing from a negligible presence to more than 2.6 lakhs over the 3 weeks.
  • 31 influencers with more than 1k followers tweeted/ mentioned about #myhealthie.


  • With #myhealthies pouring in every day, we connected and engaged with the participants on a personal level, promoting the brand belief of ‘Health hain toh life hain’ in every communication.



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