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Display Advertising

Contextual, personalized and intelligent display advertising

Display advertising has evolved from the vanilla insert orders to programmatic advertising. Our team has kept pace with this evolution running real-time bid campaigns for display advertising. We work with demand side platforms (DSP) and data management platforms (DMP) to power our display campaigns. This helps us to accomplish three things:

  1. Get to more touch points than others.
  2. Get more contextual and personalized than the usual.
  3. Using real time bidding, we help get more for the same advertising spends.

Our approach to display advertising

Our approach to display advertising is across the funnel. We create display campaigns to drive awareness and consideration at the top of the funnel. At the bottom of the funnel our display campaigns focus on action and advocacy. Our creative team renders the appropriate communication across these stages so that the consumers see the right message from the brand at the right time and in the right form (video, banner or text).

Integrated marketing stack

We use various integrated marketing stacks such as those provided by Salesforce (Pardot), Oracle (MAP) and Adobe which help in creating niche audiences dynamically. By identifying audiences who are ‘in-market’ looking for specific products and services, our advertising reaches the right prospects. This is a better approach than manual uploads of lists to create custom and similar audiences.

Usage of platforms also helps in creating multiple ad formats, sizes to be served across all opportunities possible. This helps in bettering the existing brand-lift metrics as well as driving transactions efficiently. Using data feed helps personalize the ads to the level of an individual, which can enhance the experience of the consumer with the brand.

Dynamic remarketing using display

We have been one of the early adopters of dynamic remarketing on google, Facebook and programmatic platforms which allow us to show contextual display ads. The impact of this new age way of display remarketing is significant in terms of brand life metrics as well as ROI. Our dynamic remarketing ads power the transactions for several e-commerce, retail, consumer electronics, BFSI and travel brands.

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