Programmatic Advertising

Leveraging AI to get you ROI

We are on top of the game on programmatic. In a nut-shell, we use various programmatic advertising platforms such as DoubleClick, Oracle’s DMP amongst various programmatic platforms to create that incremental ROI which marketing professionals aspire for.

Usage of AI to automate bidding and buying of ads

The platforms we are using to run programmatic advertising allow us to bid real time on ad-inventories across publishers and target precisely those consumers who are very likely actively looking for the products and services the brand offers. The data management platforms (DMPs) have audiences created and tagged with various behavioral and socio-economic segments going beyond what you’d typically see with Google and Facebook.

The role of AI is to learn continuously about ROI from targeting different segments across multiple platforms. The learning is then used to make judgements on deciding the communication type, budgets and bids. The incremental efficiency brought about by this adds up to significant changes in the ROI.

What does it take to succeed in programmatic?

The key to succeeding in programmatic ads is how we feed content and creatives across forms to the platforms being used. Being full-service helps us do multiple creatives, adaptations across video, picture and text formats, which helps leverage the programmatic advertising platforms thoroughly.

Mapping the customer’s journey and the consumer’s exposure on multiple digital assets including your brands’ and 3rd party helps to decide what to communicate when. Programmatic makes this seemingly complex implementation easy.

The team’s experience in running such advertising by allowing for bidding rules, defining constraints on the platforms help us succeed in showing better ROI for the brands we work with.

Our experience in programmatic

Our experience spans both direct programmatic, real time bidding (RTB) on platforms as well as marketplace bidding. We have run programmatic advertising for healthcare, insurance and consumer internet players. The impact of switching to programmatic is significant. Our brands get to be visible on a variety of publishing networks and are able to communicate with the consumers is more personalized manner.

The deployment of either or a combination is determined by the marketing objectives. Our digital business analysts start by defining the goals for customer acquisition and their life time value. We then define measurement metrics which the platforms should optimize for. For brand awareness campaigns these would align with recall and brand-lift metrics. For transaction-driving campaigns we optimize for conversions.

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