Programmatic campaigns for Awareness and Recall for one of India’s Top D2C Brands

The Brand:

We were approached by one of India’s top personal care brands who had a wide range of products. Within 5 years of founding, the brand achieved cult status. The Brand’s products are FDA approved, dermatologically tested, SLS-free, Vegan & animal test (cruelty) free, with zero plastic footprint and they are also Made Safe certified in Australia.

The Context

The brand was running performance ads but hit a plateau on the results. Prior to the engagement with GenY, they have also never put in any efforts to spread awareness about their products, educate prospective customers, or create a buzz around their products. In other words, they never made any efforts to undertake top-of the-funnel marketing activities. With an aim to rectify this and initiate top-of-the-funnel marketing activities, they approached us.

The Challenge

  • The Brand wanted to expand their top of the funnel and build Brand Awareness & Recall on a large scale using their Brand film.
  • The brand also wanted to quantify the Awareness and Recall generated while measuring View Through (VT) and Cross Environment (CE) conversions.

The Solution

  • DV360: With Google’s programmatic platform DV360, we built and executed a YouTube media plan for them across various zones.
  • Brand Lift Studies: We also conducted brand lift studies across all zones, to derive precious data points for planning future campaigns.
  • Campaign Manager 360: Used impression tagging to track view through and cross device conversions, thus measuring the overall impact of the campaign.
  • Insights from Data: Through attributed post view and post click sales, we accurately calculated new customer acquisition, and repeat purchase rates.

Solution visually depicted below:



  • 18.5% Absolute lift & 75.1% Relative lift in ad recall
  • 6.2% Absolute lift & 19.1% Relative lift in Brand Awareness


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