Brand Activation for Healthcare

How integrating on-ground brand activation with Digital amplifies conversations around a brand

Month-long digital campaign for a home healthcare brand’s Mumbai launch results in a reach of 13L on Twitter & 15L on Facebook

Executive Summary

A home healthcare service provider based out of Delhi was launching its services in Mumbai. They wanted to do an integrated campaign that involved traditional as well as digital media. For a humble start-up to break through the clutter of the behemoth brands in a saturated market like Mumbai, was no mean task. The brand started looking at innovative use of media and a different line of communication that would make the TG sit up and take notice. What could be that touch-point that would result in maximum impact?

Much research and brainstorming later, the Mumbai local train was zeroed in. With its eight million user base it looked like the perfect vehicle to carry the brand’s message to its TG. But it was already a very popular media touch point with every inch of the railway stations and the space inside the trains layered with billboards.

A disruptive, unconventional brand activation campaign was planned. The campaign made use of the announcement system at the train, something the passengers continuously pay attention to so they do not miss their destination. Normally one would expect the announcer to say the name of the upcoming station. Instead, the announcer calls out the name of a station that doesn’t exist! There couldn’t have been a better way to instantly register the message of a critical old age ailment, Alzheimer, and how ignoring timely treatment and care may result in memory loss.

Several commuters aboard these trains heard these announcements. The confusion and curiosity led to a lot of passengers, that included Influencers, sharing their reactions on social media. These conversations resulted in noteworthy traction and brand awareness. That is not all, it attracted the attention of the medical community in Mumbai, especially Insurance and Pharma companies. The buzz also made it to leading brand publications like Scoophoop and Brand Equity.

The Brand

A leading healthcare service provider from India, the brand helps patients recover at the safety and comfort of the place they know best – their home. Backed by an industry giant among others, the brand has over 1000 team members and caregivers, serving in more than 40 Indian cities. The brand has impacted over 4,00,000 patients and counting. It is known for maintaining high standard on customer service, a fact supported by Net Promoter Score of over 70 per cent.

Brand’s offerings
  • Setting up ICUs at home
  • Providing Cancer treatment at home
  • Home nursing and physiotherapy
  • Has own distribution setup offering chronic medicines to patients right at their doorsteps.
  • Plethora of clinical procedures at home thereby delivering almost 70% of all clinical services at home.
  • Announce the launch of home health care services in Mumbai
  • Innovative use of media and a different line of communication that would make the TG sit up and take notice
  • Extend on-ground brand activation to digital platforms to create greater brand awareness amongst the TG

Too many giant brands already hogging on the mind space of the TG. Making a mark was a huge challenge for a new entrant.


In a Mumbai local train, where commuters are solely dependent on the announcements about upcom-ing stations, the announcer pronounced station names that didn’t even exist! It wasn’t a software glitch or an employee’s fault but part of the brand’s disruptive campaign to drive home the message that dementia shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The campaign could grab the attention of an estimated eight million daily passengers that board the Mumbai locals and listen attentively to each and every announcement.

Digital integration

Mumbai launch announcement banner on the brand’s website.


Exit pop up pushed an exclusive offer for Mumbai.

Cover pictures across the digital channels were changed to announce the launch.

Announcement posts at Facebook & Twitter.


The brand also released an announcement video.

Local influencers in Mumbai who had boarded the train on the Western line, captured people’s reactions and these got amplified on the digital platform. 

Reaction videos of commuters:


Brand’s toll-free number for Mumbai launched.

Brand’s film launched.



Some news portals had started picking up the news of the brand’s innovative way to catch people’s attention. Several influencers supported the initiative and helped spread the word.

Mumbai Rains
On Aug 29th, 2017, Mumbai was struck with torrential rainfall. An employee of the brand went out of the way to ensure that his patients get nothing short of best care. The story generated good traction on social media with the hashtag #HCAHwithMumbai



The conversations around the campaign led to creation of additional customer base. Insurance companies looking at reducing patient re-admissions and pharma companies seeking support in their medical adherence programs approached the brand.

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