Healthcare Campaign gone Viral!

Using personalized idea caricatures!


  • A brand focussed on health insurance. Brand’s belief: Health hai to Life hai
  • Make the brand’s audience think about health in an aspirational way by engaging with a fun, ‘non-preachy’ campaign


  • To make the thought of being healthy aspirational, without being preachy. Setting-up the campaign to enable virality was important.


  • The creative idea: Our creative team came up with the idea of creating a campaign which helps people think about what being healthy means for them. The audience is expected to share aspirational ideas. In the process make the audience realize that they need to do much more about their health. Just share your thought and get a personalized caricature made within hours – with your name on it!
  • Facebook app & Twitter campaign
    • A Facebook application was built in-house by our tech team to allow users to share their ideas, get notified when the caricature is done
    • Identifying the right audience on Twitter to ‘seed’ the campaign
  • Connect the campaign with the TVC
    • Direct the participants to the TVC to complete the thought process: There are many steps one takes for better health. Health insurance is also one such step!
  • Enable virality
    • Great content in the form of a personalized caricature, putting an idea tag and name of the contributor was the key ingredient to incentivise people to share the caricatures developed
    • The Facebook app enabled sharing the caricature on the facebook wall of participants seamless & easy


  • An overwhelming response to the campaign with more than 900 entries over the month.
  • Engaged users on Facebook grew 16x (versus pre-campaign). Engaged users on Twitter grew 100x.
  • 40% jump in Twitter followers during the campaign. All organic.
  • Order of magnitude lead in terms of % audience engaged versus competition. 33% engaged users versus 6% of the closest competitor on facebook. 177% versus 1.6% on Twitter. The high engagement % reflects virality


View the caricatures here & here!

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