Lead Generation using Interactive Map


India’s leading healthcare provider partnered with GenY Medium to give their underutilized web property a 360 degree makeover in a way it becomes a key channel for lead generation.

The Brand

The brand provides health cards or discount cards for all thinkable medical expenses. Knitting together
the biggest network of medical professionals, health centres and hospitals in the country, the brand
aims at making healthcare accessible and more affordable to the masses.

The brand is owned by a US-based insurance giant and a Fortune 100 company, currently serving an
estimated 46.5 million people globally.

Situation Analysis

  • High client acquisition and conversion cost
  • The company was using traditional methods of marketing. The main source of lead generation was through cold calling. The process was time-consuming, the database lacked authenticity and the overall ROI was low.
  • Web property underutilized
  • The company had a website but it lacked interactivity. There was no option to buy or explore the products. Basic details like partner hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostics centres weren’t easily available to the user. Competitor healthcare providers had a better digital presence.
  • High customer service cost
  • For the simplest of queries, like to find out the nearest health centre that will accept the health card to complex ones like lodging complaints, the customers had to call the TOLL Free number. Since most transactions happened over the phone, the process of tracking and resolving complaints lacked efficiency.



360-degree overhaul of the web property to address all key challenges

  • Influence the purchase decision with intuitive UI, interactive location finder map
  • E-commerce capabilities to complete the entire transaction cycle online
  • Customized backend to integrate seamlessly into the existing CRM
  • Web analytics for insights on user behaviour along with granular level reports
  • Plugged in content marketing “to sell” with an exclusive section (Health Hub)


Two types of users that visited the website were identified: new and existing. Based on this premise, the website wireframe and capabilities were planned.

Interactive Map

Technology Interventions


Heat map for the Location Finder section

53% of the total people coming on the home page clicked on the map section

Interactive map feature enhanced the browsing experience resulting in 25% of the total leads generated from the map section alone (through a query box). The website turned into a key lead generation engine. The generated leads were authentic.

Intuitive site navigation design increased website effectiveness resulting in an increase in session time by 75%. Average session time is now 4 min. This includes both returning and new visitors.

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