ORM for an Education Brand

Automated buzz monitoring & analysis using ReputePro


  • To collate, analyze all the buzz around the brand going back 1 year. Cover all relevant social, search and consumer complaint boards
  • Derive insights and recommend a response strategy


  • Being a large brand, the number of comments were >10,000 across various platforms. This problem required technology intervention, else the exercise could take a very long time.


  • We deployed ReputePro to collate the buzz on facebook, twitter, Mouthshut.com, Consumercomplaints.in, Grahakseva.com & complaintboard.in. Using this, we were able to capture all the comments and get an automated sentiment analysis, thereby tagging comments as positive, negative or neutral
    • Analyzing the buzz: A visual representation of the buzz helped understand what the positive drivers of the buzz were and what drove the negative conversation. This simple representation threw very interesting insights and recommendations were drawn from them.
    • Response time: We understood how responsive the brand had been in the past year on responding to questions, comments or complaints of consumers.
    • Advocates: The most engaged fans on facebook and twitter were analyzed to understand whether they were the right audience, or were not the target audience the brand sought to engage on social.


  • We understood from the data that the overall negative % of buzz was higher than the positive
  • Insights were drawn on trends on positive and negative buzz, enabling appropriate staffing strategies to respond to these
  • Insights were derived on what the positives were and what drove negative sentiment. Several of these were new insight which was getting lost in the social buzz
  • Recommendation on organizational setup to deal with comments, requests and complaints
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