Performance Marketing for a Software Solutions Provider

Performance Marketing for a Software Solutions provider to create a sustainable sales pipeline in South East Asia, Greater China, the Middle East, South Africa, India, the United Kingdom and the United States

Generated 190 qualified meetings in 6 months from 60 campaigns, reaching a peak of 50 Leads per month

The Brand

The brand is a provider of cloud-based software solutions from India that help retailers to engage with customers through mobile, social and in-store channels. Its cloud-based platform powers end-to-end customer engagement, clienteling, loyalty and social CRM solutions for more than 100 major brands across 10,000 stores. Result is instant shopper gratification to over 50 million consumers across South East Asia, Greater China, the Middle East, South Africa, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The brand’s customers include industry leaders such as Pizza Hut, Puma, United Colors of Benetton, Mothercare, Robinson’s, Store21, Sunglass Hut and Nike.

Marketing Objectives

The brand was a start-up looking at entering an already crowded, non-Indian CRM market. It needed brand awareness as well as building of credibility.


A multi-channel outreach plan was proposed encompassing emails, display, search and social media. Potential customers were targeted by company size, geography, work profiles and departments.

Leads by Company Size


The brand’s cloud based CRM and Loyalty solution was equally well received by small, mid-sized and large retailers. It was expected that small retail chains will receive it well, but it came as a pleasant surprise that mid-sized and large retail chains were also interested in the offering.

Leads by Geography


The brand’s offering was received well not only in mature markets but also in emerging markets. With this insight, they could plan for market leadership position in emerging markets while trying to replace the incumbents in the more mature markets of USA and UK.

Leads by Profiles


Directors and VPs responded most positively to the marketing messages, followed by managers and C level executives.

Leads by Department


As expected Marketing Department was most responsive to marketing  messages around CRM and Loyalty. It was also interesting to see IT departments in many retail chains took the initiative to explore innovative CRMs to support their organization’s marketing needs.




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