Gender sensitivity via a social campaign

To commemorate International Women’s Day 2017


This Brand is Asia’s largest healthcare services provider. Founded in 1983, It is a trusted name in the industry with over 45 million beneficiaries from 121 countries. It offers a range of health packages especially tailor-made for its women. As such, its content marketing strategy includes innovative ways to engage with its women target group and creating awareness about women’s health, mainly encouraging preventive care as well as a right intervention at the right time.


Occasion: International Women’s Day, 2017 | Campaign: #CareForHer | Target Group: Men | Age: 18+
Research has it that most women deprioritize matters pertaining to themselves, let alone going for regular health checks. So, instead of the primary target group, the campaign targeted her family. It aimed at encouraging men to “take care” of the women in their lives, sensitizing them about the importance of openly discussing various aspects of women’s health so that health hazards pertaining to these aren’t ignored and greater pro-activeness exercised in preventive care.

Marketing Objectives:

  • Strengthen the brand’s position as one that takes strong initiatives to highlight relevant health issues
  • Create emotional connect with TG by offering relevant content to inspire a mindset change
  • Promote and drive traffic to their blog repository: “Let’s Talk Health”


The Campaign span the period before and after the event. Implemented through series of inter-
active posts across relevant social media platforms, spread over three phases to create and sustain




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