SEO for consumer Electronics

How SEO implementation for a multinational consumer Electronics brand significantly increased organic traffic & revenues

Executive Summary

A multinational consumer electronics company’s e-commerce website was garnering organic traffic
disproportionately lower to its market share. As a result, a large proportion of the brand’s products
were being purchased from online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay rather than its own
e-commerce portal.

GenY Medium was engaged to enhance the website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a way its
organic traffic increases resulting in a subsequent increase in revenue from the web property.
SEO for e-commerce websites is known to be extremely complex because of the number of product
listings and the intense competition from other brands and aggregators.

The strategy was to rank for brand keywords versus generic keywords and within brand keywords
focus on transactional and long tail keywords which have lower competition but are of higher intent,
drawing in revenue-yielding traffic. The focus was on high ticket products first and then the lower ticket
ones. Page load speed was also improved with appropriate technological interventions. A good volume
of high-quality backlinks generated to boost the website’s Domain Authority (DA).


The Brand

The brand is a $43.03 billion consumer electronics multinational company. It designs, develops,
manufactures and sells personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, servers, IT management
software and smart televisions. The brand has operations in more than 60 countries and sells its
products in around 160 countries.


To improve the website’s discoverability, search engine ranking, Click Through Rate (CTR), and as a
the result, boost revenue from the website.

Situation Analysis & Solution

The efforts started with a detailed website audit and an SEO strategy presented consisting of the
elements described below.

  • Content needed enhancement to rank for the right keywords
  • User reviews at appropriate platforms
  • Referrals from Influencers (tech bloggers) who write at platforms such as TechTree, Gadgets360
  • Referral links from sites with high DA such as
  • Technical errors such as redirects, URL structure needed to be fixed
  • Multiple category keywords were identified where good ranks were possible
  • Multiple meta tag issues detected
  • Social Media Integration recommended apart from impacting the brand’s popularity, it also affects its visibility in Google.

  • Identified opportunity to improve page load speed with right technology
  • Design change recommendations made to internal pages to allow for logical navigation,
    enabling better time spent

  • Need for high-quality backlinks
  • Need to work on an aggressive link building strategy to get to a good Domain Authority (DA) and
    Page Authority (PA) score
  •  A combination of high-quality online PR presence and social bookmarking, video/image/article
    submission recommended


  • While all the aspects of SEO like addressing technical issues, UI/UX issues, content creation and
    link building was important, a plan was to focus on one issue each month for six months.
  • Rank for transactional keywords and long tail keywords which have lower competition but are of
    the higher intent in terms of generating revenue.
  • Focus on high ticket size products first and then the lower ones.


Technical Interventions


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