Trending on Twitter

Trending #1 on twitter


  • Create an engaging social media campaign for a travel brand during the Holi festival
  • Cross-leverage activity on facebook & twitter to maximize impact on both platforms


  • New brand with low brand recall or recognition. Very low number of followers on twitter and facebook.


  • The creative idea: Our creative team came up with the idea of creating a campaign which helps people play with colours and be able to change the ‘cover picture’ of the bus on the brand’s Facebook page. Essentially, the participants would tweet the colour of their choice with #colourmybus and the most popular colour of the past 5 minutes would be used to colour the bus on facebook’s cover picture.
  • Using twitter and facebook APIs: Use of APIs made it possible to do data analysis and manipulation and be able to pass parameters to Facebook’s cover picture attributes.
  • Instant gratification to enable virality: Instant gratification works. Therefore, seeing tweets changing the facebook cover pic served to provide instant gratification. Helped entice users to try and ‘play’ more with different colours, each time using the #colourmybus hashtag.


  • The hashtag #colourmybus trended #1 for 2 consecutive days. This was significant given that a) the brand was relatively unknown, b) no media spend used and c) was done during Holi, a festival when several brands vie for visibility
  • Grew followership to over 1000 on twitter
  • 933 unique participants. 50,000+ brand mentions on Twitter. ~86,000 tweets!

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