Digital campaign for a home health brand
  • Launched a targeted campaign to spread awareness about cancer
  • Engaged cancer patients across multiple digital touchpoints
  • Created a microsite which drove high user engagement

Executive Summary

Business Challenge
The business challenge for them was to mark their presence in the healthcare industry in India by making the masses aware of their specialized at home health care services. Building upon the expertise of their promoters, they launched their cancer care the home services but there were few takers due to lack of awareness among the consumers.

Marketing Challenge

Cancer being one of the taboo diseases in India, people would not talk of it in the open. The challenge was to identify and interact with the target group and also build credibility about the services as the concept of cancer care at home was new and unheard of.


We launched the ‘Meet Vijaya’ campaign – “Vijaya” means victorious, hence it symbolizes a champion (in our case a cancer Champion). Taking people through Vijaya’s story of the fight against cancer during a span of 30 days, it eventually culminated in an on-ground meet up of cancer survivors and fighters.

We were able to reach out to a highly relevant community through micro-targeting on digital platforms and built credibility about the services through online events like. ‘Whatsapp chat with Oncologist’ and offline services at home.

The campaign has a significant impact on all success metrics leading to substantial brand awareness and engagement.


An Overview

The concept of healthcare at home was new to the Indian market but the sector has a huge potential to grow. They started with the vision of providing highly specialized health care services at home.

However, as true for any new category, the awareness among the consumers was low and hospitals were the de-facto choice for all specialized health care needs.

Their key offerings were a range of specialized healthcare solutions amongst which cancer care at home is one of their prime focused activity. They also specialize in providing chemotherapy at home – a medical treatment which is normally given only in hospitals in India.


The brand wanted to market their ‘Cancer Care at Home’ services and reach out to relevant consumers.

How we made it Click!

We came up with a concept called ‘Me Vijaya’ – a meet-up for cancer champion. The message was propagated through the story of a cancer survivor.

The plan consisted of three main elements.



Getting relevant audience (Consumers who will be interested in cancer care) for conversation and engagement.

Creating digital touchpoints

Creating digital touchpoints for engagement like cancer care helpline, whatsapp chat with oncologist and a cancer care knowledge portal.

Connecting online to offline

A cancer champions meet up giving the brand a chance to engage with the consumers.

A glimpse of our work

The Impact

Building positive Digital footprints

  • With a reach of more than 400k relevant audience, this campaign stands as one of the most successful campaigns of the brand. The engagement of the audience was also very high with more 19k likes, shares and comments
  • Close to 5000 people visited the ‘Meet Vijaya’ microsite and explored the knowledge centre related to cancer care
  • The ‘Whatsapp Chat with Oncologist’ became a great success and helped in building credibility about the brand and delivering services
  • Around 70 cancer patients or family & friends of cancer attended the event
  • The chat was highly engaging with the audience asking a range of questions from post-cancer surgery care to be taken during chemotherapy, etc.
  • The chats were a great success and helped us in getting real appointments with the doctor

Marching ahead of the competition

The campaign outperformed all campaigns that were running on social media by competitors during that time period.





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