Social gamification to enhance patient engagement

How we helped our customer to engage patients, enrich their lives without being preachy and provided enduring and sustainable value using gamification and social media outreach.

This thoroughly engaging outreach was conceptualized by GenY Medium for a Canada’s largest diabetes and endocrinology care provider. The brand is dedicated to making diabetes care more comprehensive and accessible to anyone with the condition.

Marketing objectives

The brand wanted to enhance patient engagement by utilizing all possible outreach channels and through offline events. While offline activations such as workshops and awareness camps were driving good patient education and engagement,  the brand wanted to try something which could be scaled on the digital channels.

The primary objectives of the campaign were to:

  1. Meaningfully engage patients of LMC Healthcare on social media as part of a broader patient engagement program.
  2. Help patients with useful information and therefore augment the care provided during visits to the healthcare centres.

Target audience

The campaign micro-targeted the following audiences:

  • Primary audience: Existing patients
  • Secondary audience: Anyone on social media, interested in learning about diabetes

The Challenge

Living with diabetes is not easy. Those living with the condition get advice from a variety of sources, which can get tiring after a point, making the patients react to another effort to impart any care-related inputs with boredom and disinterest, if not outright irritation. Preaching to patients rarely works. Could we make our endeavor of patient engagement enriching without being preachy?

Solution Approach

We adopted a multi-pronged approach, scheduled to take off on ‘World Diabetes Day’ as the perfect time to create a campaign which drives conversations around managing diabetes effectively. Our campaign incorporated the following important components.

Patient engagement approach

The #HealthyChoiceChallenge

The #HealthyChoiceChallenge was a choice based quiz comprising 6 questions, challenging the participants to pick the healthier option between the two choices shown.

Patient engagement gamification

Execution Detail

  • Micro-targeted the existing patient base using custom audiences on different advertising platforms.
  • Developed a microsite for the #HealthyChoiceChallenge quiz
  • Posed questions, in the form of social posts to generate curiosity and interest in the audience, like the screenshots below.

Social media posts and videos were created, directing our audience to the page to take the #HealthyChoiceChallenge. Participants could share their results/score on their social media profiles and invite their contacts to participate in the quiz.

Social media patient engagement

The Outcome

The results were overwhelming. The campaign generated numerous conversations & debates on the brand’s social pages.

Briefly, the campaign delivered the following:

  • Increase the brand’s share of voice and engagement by nearly 19 times from 1.6% to 30+%
  • Reached 128,965 consumers
  • Attracted 1200+ participants
  • Elicited 3100+ reactions
  • Received 350+ comments
  • Encouraged 510+ shares

The results are explained in the below infographic.

Impact of patient engagement campaign

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