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Content marketing is king!

A recent feature article in Ernst & Young’s publication, “Performance“, talks about the importance of ‘Content Marketing’ in today’s context.

The contention (and accurately so) is that the advent of the internet and more importantly platforms such as Facebook & Google+ have made sharing of personalized content and insights effortless. This has had a far reaching effect on the importance of content in marketing. Some of the important points worth highlighting are here:

  • In the battle for consumer attention, businesses that offer their customers compelling, high-quality content generally enjoy greater brand awareness and increased sales.”  – Rachel Fielding, author of the article
  • There’s a movement toward thinking about what customers need rather than pushing messages out to them to encourage them to buy.”[says Antony Mayfield, author of Me and my Web Shadow and founder of digital strategy firm Brilliant Noise]
  • A 2012 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) report revealed that 60% of business decision-makers said branded content helped them make better purchase decisions
  • 61% of consumers were more likely to buy from companies that offer customized content
  • Companies that fail to invest in creating useful and unique content are in danger of becoming less visible on search engine results that favor “rich” over “thin” content
Suffice to say that all marketeers should have a good hard look at their content publishing strategy, across social platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest as well as the good old blogs. Investment in content is not an option anymore – its a must.
January 5, 2013
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