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DoubleClick: Campaign’s reach over and beyond Display Campaigns

If you have heard the name of DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) for the first time, here is a brief intro. DBM is Google’s Advertising platform that interacts with hundreds of ad exchanges to reach over 1 billion websites. You can read more about the platform in our other blog here. In this blog, we discuss about how advertisers can expand their reach over and beyond display campaigns on Google Display Network. If as a marketer, you feel you have exhausted the Google Display Network opportunity, you should definitely ready more.

Access over 100 ad exchanges. Google Display Network is just 1 of them.

Double Click is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) and allows you to interact with multiple ad-exchanges using the platform. Note that Google’s ad-exchange which powers Google Display Network is only one of the options in the list of exchanges that are present in Double Click. The below list shows the ad exchanges present in DBM. If you notice you can advertise on ad exchanges like AppNexus, MoPub, ONE, PubMatic, etc. For example, MoPub is a Twitter company which provides monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and developers. With over 49,000 apps on their platform globally, they are servicing 450 billion monthly app advertisement requests, reaching over 1.5 billion unique devices.

Ad exchanges on DoubleClick
Fig 1: Multiple ad-exchanges available on Google Marketing Platform

Video Inventory is not just YouTube

The importance of video promotions cannot be over emphasized. When we think of placement of video ads, we think YouTube and Facebook Video ads. The options in DBM wide the choice with multiple platform options. You can advertise on various native options provided on publishers like,,, and several other regional sites. The best part is you just have to upload the Video in different dimension options available and the platform will place the videos automatically on these websites/ apps based on other targeting filters of demographics.

Rich video inventory on DoubleClick
Fig 2: Variety of video environments available to advertise

3rd Party Lists for precise micro-targeting

Another powerful feature that increases your reach is the possibility of accessing 3rd party lists via DBM. You can search for these lists by just entering keywords within your business segment or database providers. You can even get the lists provided by DMPs (Data Management Platforms) like BlueKai or Lotame using this.

For example, the below screenshot of the platform shows the list for the keyword ‘Real Estate’. These 3rd party lists are curated from various vendors like Oracle Data Cloud, Lotame, Exelate, and all of this is available to you at the click of a button.

Audience Types on DoubleClick
Fig 3: Snapshot of a sample set of lists for ‘Real Estate’
Real Estate Audience on DoubleClick
Fig 4: Audience size for various lists showing overlap between the lists

Apart from the existing 3rd party lists in DBM, you can also strike deals with DMPs to get more segmented data in accordance with the brand requirements. For example, if you take the Real Estate segment by Oracle Data Cloud, you can strike a deal with them to specifically give you the data for people looking to purchase apartments within the real estate segment. This can be done via the marketplace present in the platform.

Strike Private Deals with Publishers

Like 3rd party audience lists, you can also strike private deals with publishers like The Washington Post, Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, the Hindu, etc. The platform has a marketplace where you can negotiate the terms of engagement with respect to the Cost per Impression or other available metrics. Running ads on these publishers via DBM provides you extensive reach and also helps you have an integrated view of your results. Read more about the benefit of Private Deals via Double Click versus direct deals with publishers here.

In these deals, you can choose to have various options such as  a “Roadblock” for a day (Guaranteed deals) or Preferred deals (which serve ads based on availability). You also have the option of adding additional filters of age demographics, etc over and above the inventory provided by the publishers.

Roadblock ads
Fig 5: Snapshot of Roadblock ads run for a client by GenY Medium

As a marketer, if you have already explored the regular inventory provided by Google Adwords platform, then this is the next platform you need to invest in and take your marketing campaigns to the next level. The reach of your campaigns will get a huge boost.

GenY Medium is one of the few agencies with license of DoubleClick Bid Manager (Google Display & Video 360). If you would like to get in touch to explore this further and try out for few of your campaigns, please contact us via the website or get in touch at We would be happy to share more about the platform.

February 28, 2019
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