What do we Know about the Buzz around Fortis Hospitals (last 21 days)?

GenY Lab’s listening engine, Auris, as we call it, has been listening in to the buzz around the well known healthcare brand, Fortis Hospitals. Thousands of comments, tweets, news and reviews have been analyzed in real time. And from these, we have been able to draw some basic insights (again, in real time).

  1. About 1/4th of the buzz carries a negative sentiment. The burden of expectations on healthcare delivery brands is very high. The context is one laden with morbidity and trauma. And the possibility of slips in service quality is that much higher. fortis hospital social listeningSentiment chart fortis hospital
  2. Service quality and interaction with care providers are the leading irritants. The entire experience at the hospital – appointments, waiting time, interaction with the physicians, nurses and discharge of patients determines and encompasses service quality. Of these the interaction with people and the quality of care have been found wanting. In relative terms billing/discharge and pricing are not leading causes of the sentiment.

 root cause for sentimentfortis hospital issues

  1. Cardiology, neurology and oncology are specializations which drive the most issues. Neurology is a surprise given that the volume of patients for neurology is expected to be lower versus specializations such as cardiology and orthopedics.sentiment by specializationFortis hospital neurology
  2. ICU and In-patient experience is relatively poor. Most issues originate in these departments.

negative sentiment by department

This is just a snippet of the rich insights Auris brings us. There is much more we can learn. For example:

  • Which hospital locations are more notorious?
  • Which physician’s or administrator’s name comes up most in complaints?
  • What are the demographics of those who have a negative opinion?

A wealth of contextual information. Since the insights are gathered in real time, it is possible to make operational interventions also, almost in real time. To create such dashboards which help you discover issues and root causes, Auris from GenY Labs, rivals the best.

September 9, 2017
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