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The Diagnosis and Prognosis of a Crisis unfolding on Digital

Dealing with a crisis which is unfolding every minute can be brutal. The advent of digital mediums has increased the velocity of the spread of news, good or bad, significantly.

A recent crisis we saw unfold within the healthcare domain provides us with a sneak-peak on this very dynamic – what causes a crisis, how does it spread and what could have been done to contain the spread.

About the crisis.

A leading hospital network had a 7 year old dengue patient who passed away after staying in the hospital and its ICU for a few weeks. The bills ran up to a huge amount. The fact that it was a child, and the final clinical outcome was a fatality in combination with the exorbitant bill that was charged to the parents, had all the ingredients of an erupting crisis.

The diagnosis and the prognosis.

Our proprietary market insights platform, Auris from GenY Labs, captured this episode purely by listening in and applying its AI/NLP models to understand the root cause of the issue. There is a learning for all brand custodians in this. Here’s a sneak view of what the platform’s dashboard suggests happens.

In summary, we saw the following:

  1. When the crisis erupted, the volume of buzz increases over 400x, and the proportion of negative sentiment almost doubled.
  2. The genesis of the crisis was automatically pinned down to service quality and pricing related issues.
  3. We could identify that this related to the ICU and IPD departments and that the crisis had Delhi NCR as its epicenter.

How having such an Automated Market Insights Dashboard would have helped?

  • There are several advantages. You’d know about the erupting crisis within minutes rather than hours. That makes the biggest difference.
  • You’d be able to sensitize the PR and communications team as well as the local team.
  • The departments involved would have been alerted immediately, before the mole became a mountain.

A retrospective analysis maybe convenient but not corrective. Auris is in real time, requiring to think and act fast to contain the damage. Having a market insights dashboard helps you become pro-active, know the issue before the world is up and going hammer and tongs. An irreparable damage to the brand can be averted. If you haven’t set up a market insights dashboard, we’d recommend you set one up right away!


November 24, 2017
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