Metrics for social media

GenY Medium, recently signed an exclusive partnership with Readypulse, a Seattle based social media technology provider. This is an important strategic partnership for both organizations. For GenY Medium, we use the analytics to understand our consumers better, identify content themes which appeal to our consumers and track performance of our campaigns objectively. For Readypulse, we hopefully open access to blue-chip brands in India and the region.

What are important aspects to be monitored?

What should a social-media dashboard look like? The below schematic is our attempt to help dimensionalize social media performance into metrics. Definitely going beyond the count of likes or metrics such as “Talking about” (which incidentally is getting phased out).

Our analytics technology in combination with ReputePro, our proprietary reputation management and social listening technology provides answers to all these questions: On a) Consumer understanding, b) Reputation and c) Benchmarking versus competition.

A few images from the coverage this partnership has received are shown below:

January 26, 2015
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