Practice Area: Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is an automation platform that harnesses a mix of data, content, and real-time delivery capabilities to help marketers roll out effective email campaigns. Using Adobe Campaign, brands can power their customer engagement programs for marketing purposes. Offered as a part of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign provides capabilities for automation and execution of marketing programs with email, campaign, offer, and personalization management across traditional and digital channels. By integrating Campaign with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, brands can gain strategic direction by gaining insights from Adobe Analytics and Experience Manager and improve their campaign as well as content strategies.

What features do we enable during our Adobe Campaign Implementation?

Adobe Campaign helps marketers to build effective relationships with their customer base and extend them to drive top-line revenue growth and ROI.

  • Enable your teams to leverage the campaign automation and audience segmentation capabilities of Campaign. You can also enjoy Campaign’s distributed campaign capabilities to select audiences, define email content, assign local offers, and manage deployment dates specific to each business unit or locality.
  • Configure the omnichannel orchestration feature of Adobe Campaign to deliver customer experiences using tailored messages which handhold a customer through their journey. We make it possible for your marketing teams to manage campaigns across online and offline channels using text, email, social, mobile push and direct mails.
  • Activate the campaign automation feature to enable you to send perfectly-timed communications with personalized content, using the tool’s real-time messaging capabilities and workflows. You can automate the marketing processes to improve efficiency as well as customer experience while eliminating manual processes that consume excessive amounts of time and effort.
  • Create integrated customer profiles to unify data from both offline and online sources, in order to build a complete view of the customer and create opportunities for sending tailored messages.
  • Promote one-to-one customer dialogues along with automated execution of mobile, social, email, and offline campaigns for personalized, cross-channel, real-time marketing.
  • Enable you to accelerate your customer lifecycle and improve conversions by optimizing marketing communications, by delivering individualized messages to unique customers in real-time. You can also start delivering time-sensitive transactional messages with important details, at exactly the right time.
  • Empower your local marketing teams with the ability to create, deploy, and report on their own campaigns. We enable system integration and multi-channel campaign management capability which saves time and drives revenues through increased relevance.

Campaign is an open architecture solution which offers powerful third-party integration capabilities along with flexible deployment options. It can also be adopted as a fully cloud-hosted solution which can be accessed from any web browser.

Our Adobe Campaign Implementation Checklist

We streamline the implementation process following robust documentation to install each of the solutions and deploy them creating the configurations and frameworks needed to get started with Adobe Campaign. At GenY, we understand the capabilities of Adobe Campaign thoroughly and ensure that our clients can take advantage of its features to fully enjoy the capabilities it offers. Here’s a list of activities we undertake to implement the tool:

  • Define the concepts of the datamodel and setup a campaign standard datamodel, enabling the tool to maintain and update customer data in real-time and store information in one place, eliminating data silos.
  • Work with custom resources and enable the tool to extend the API to update data and publish custom resources as well as resources with an API extension.
  • Enable the tool to import and export data, and lists following best practices.
  • Enable campaign orchestration by creating suitable templates for marketing activities.
  • Create workflows to import data, execute workflows following logs and tasks, and build audiences and implement ETL (extract, transform and load) activities.
  • Enable the development of personalized customer experience applications and increase customer satisfaction by continuously improving tailored experiences.
  • Implement message tracking and configure tracked links and test the tracking.
  • Configure the various channels like email, SMS, push notifications, direct mail and in-app messages following delivery best practices, setting up failure notices, providing a unified cross-channel and cross-device experience.
  • Set up landing page creation, publication and subscriptions.
    Configure transactional push notifications, messaging and emails by profile or event.
  • Ensure security and privacy, creating users and assigning them roles.
  • Activate all your CRM data on cross-channel communication and integrate with multiple other solutions for enhanced capabilities and customer experience management technologies.

Once implemented, take advantage of the rich features of Adobe Campaign to connect with your audiences and communicate with them providing personalized user experiences and customized user journeys to increase conversions.

What benefits to expect from your Adobe Campaign Implementation

The benefits offered by Adobe Campaign enable businesses to gain a deep understanding of their audiences to ensure better communication of their marketing messages.

  • Leverage technology:
    With our expert support in implementation, you can now take advantage of the features of the Adobe Campaign. This technology offers capabilities that establish your presence across the web and enables you to connect and communicate with the right audience through an effective and engaging marketing presence. Understand the sales funnel well enough to identify actions that encourage sales.
  • Data-driven insights
    Our experts help you gain an overview of your operations and performance using the data-driven insights from Adobe Campaign in a comprehensive manner. This would require no expertise or technical knowledge on the part of your teams, to be achieved. Eliminate the need for in-person interactions to understand customer motivations better and address the differing needs of your audience through your messaging.
  • Plan campaigns better

Make use of the rich data on customer behaviours to connect and communicate with your audiences using campaigns with segmented, personalized, dynamically optimized content. Create email campaigns and manage social media engagement using targeted campaigns and ads. Track and monitor user behaviour with the help of the advanced analytics and reporting tools offered by Adobe Campaign. Enjoy great returns on your investment as the tool offers you greater insights into your customers’ behaviour and experiences through tangible information and reports on campaign performance.

  • Establish brand power
    Increase your marketing and sales activities to enhance your brand’s presence in the market and to establish your brand’s power through informed sales and marketing activities. Use the data to derive better insights into customer behavior to plan your communication with them better. Elevate user engagement with better user journeys through targeted campaigns and ads to increase your relevance and enjoy conversions.

At GenY, we put in the time and effort needed to understand the specific requirements of a client from implementation and work to resolve their specific issues and help them take advantage of customer data to design better campaigns and improve their marketing strategy.

Adobe Campaign implementation with GenY Medium

GenY has helped many businesses like yours to leverage the power and promise of different marketing automation tools to improve their market share and boost their revenues. This would be true of any software platform of your choice, whether an open-source tool or an enterprise solution.

The capabilities of Adobe Campaign are versatile, and they help brands to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships and helping to manage their marketing campaigns. Through proven and successful methodology and technology, our team provides effective Adobe Campaign administration, consulting, configuration, integration, product development, implementation, customization, training, and support.

Our expertise lies in designing, implementing, and driving transformational experiences using Adobe Campaign. We help clients translate their technology investment into a quality deployment with timely and effective project implementation. You can be assured of a valuable experience across Adobe Campaign as well as the other solutions and products with which you wish for an integration.

Talk to us if you are looking for someone to implement, deploy, and leverage Adobe Campaign functionality more broadly across your overall marketing and demand generation activity? You can also talk to us if you are dissatisfied with the current performance of your optimized lead nurturing, e-marketing, or demand generation campaigns using Adobe Campaign. We shall make sure that we fix the issues to make Adobe Campaign meet your precise needs.

Do talk to us to learn more about how we can be of help. Be assured of a successful implementation with GenY. We undertake all the tasks involved from technical setup to integration, setting up of marketing analytics, automation tools, email templates, file hosting, to creating lists, rules, and actions of various marketing automation tools.

What’s more, even as our dedicated technical staff is assisting you with the implementation, to ensure that your campaigns launch without a hitch, we help you make the most of your investment by applying our extensive knowledge of e-marketing, demand generation, and lead management best practices, along with our expertise in all facets of the Adobe Campaign platform. Our practice is capable of supporting you in every way possible including the following:

  • Set your strategy from lead generation to management by advising you on workflow, segmentation, personalized messaging, offers/content, email frequency, etc. and apply best practices to run comprehensive lead scoring and nurturing plans.
  • We help you develop and set up successful, turnkey campaigns using appropriate content and creatives.
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