Practice Area: Leadsquared Implementation

LeadSquared is a comprehensive customer acquisition platform that offers a lead prioritization engine, along with powerful marketing automation and a sales CRM in one. Businesses save substantially as it helps them bring sales and marketing together. They won’t need to invest in two different systems for the two functions. By using Leadsquared, businesses can reduce any leakage in leads. They boost their sales productivity by focusing on high-quality leads and driving them quickly down the sales funnel. They can also adopt lead distribution automation to reduce response time and use its analytics feature to track revenues against lead sources, products, and sales teams. The platform helps businesses to speed up their lead capture process using automation, responsive landing pages, and effortless lead collection from a range of sources. Sources tracked by Leadsquared include lead generation websites, chat, website, phone calls, incoming messages, and others. Other important features offered by LeadSquared include a number of sales and marketing features to bring in marketing insights, behavioral insights, sales funnel, segmentation, and drip marketing, to name a few.

What features do we enable during our LeadSquared Implementation?

We help you get the maximum benefits out of LeadSquared with our implementation of its features, to enable your marketing team to reach out to the market. Grow your business by getting the maximum benefits out of the tool.

LeadSquared offers powerful marketing functionality to support your marketing strategy, through comprehensive offerings that support every stage of the buyer’s journey, by managing all the following tasks and activities:

  • Email & Online Marketing
  • Lead Management & Lead scoring
  • Lead Nurturing across channels and touchpoints
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Professional Services Automation

It is important to make sure that your marketing automation efforts using LeadSquared need to integrate with other departments making it seamless. Also, ensure that it isn’t limited to only a few limited features, making it ineffective. Get the implementation right to make your marketing automation as effective as possible and have it configured to meets the needs of your business, using appropriate workflows and automating all your marketing workflows perfectly.

Our LeadSquared Implementation Checklist

GenY is a Silver System Integrator Partner to LeadSquared. At GenY, we are committed to ensuring a successful marketing automation implementation to benefit the marketing as well as the sales teams in your organization. Many of our clients can vouch for this fact. We fully understand that your investment into marketing automation needs time and commitment on the part of your implementation team, whether internal or external. Our familiarity and experience with LeadSquared implementation enable us to adapt the platform to your needs in a suitable manner, and have your processes up and running smoothly, without a hitch.

Here’s a checklist we follow, as we start LaedSquared implementation for any client while staying receptive to any business-specific requirements which need to be factored in. We meet your onboarding timelines easily while guiding your internal teams through the process and helping them to start using it without any hesitation.

  • Automate your lead capture: This helps you design mobile responsive landing pages to lead conversions by increasing the traffic. You can use website widgets to generate more leads from the existing traffic on your website. You can also seamlessly capture leads from across various sources like inbound email, online campaigns, phone calls, website, chat, lead generation websites, and more.
  • Automate your marketing: You can use trigger-based emails and drip marketing strategy to engage potential customers and make a sale. You can get your contact lists segmented by attribute for lead nurturing based on lead scores, behavior, geography, or any other useful variable attribute. You will gain and retain the mindshare of your leads and customers using personalized content and offers using emails and SMS.
  • Accelerate Sales: You can use the automated lead scoring function offered by Leadsquared to identify prospects who offer the maximum potential for conversion. You will gain powerful behavioral insights and detailed activity history for every lead to enable your sales teams to close deals sooner. You can monitor lead engagement at each stage and track your leads across the different stages in your sales cycle.
  • Gain insights with Marketing and Sales Analytics: You can use LeadSquared’s Lead Engagement Index to get quantified engagement insights into every segment or group of leads. You will enjoy deep marketing insights into campaigns & lead sources driving qualified leads for your business. You can use its sales insights to gain a clear understanding of all the factors that drive your revenue like lead sources, sales activities, sales performance, product & service offerings, and more.

We make it easy for you to perform all your marketing activities with ease once everything is set upright.

What benefits to expect from your LeadSquared Implementation.

You can expect to gain a comprehensive feature set when adopting LeadSquared, along with reliable customer support and customization. Here are some of its benefits which accrue once the tasks are automated:

Lead capture

  • LeadSquared helps you capture leads from a variety of sources. These could include events, blogs, lead generation sites, chat, online ads, emails, and phone calls.
  • Its landing page builder helps you to create effective responsive and custom landing pages. This task lets you utilize your own templates. You can also select a readymade template from the app’s extensive library.
  • What’s more, you can leverage the website widgets and responsive web forms to convert web pages into lead capturing engines, push leads faster down the sales funnel, and build meaningful prospect relationships.
  • LeadSquared can help you reduce lead leakage to zero with landing pages, connectors, APIs, and more while triggering engagement across all channels and devices – through emails, text messages, social, phone calls, portals, and more
  • Get prescriptive insights across lead sources, engagement campaigns, user journeys, and more to

Increase Customer Lifetime Value & reactivate dead leads via cross-sell signal capture and triggered campaigns.

Automated marketing

  • Leadsquared also helps marketing to move from manual processes into digital communication and reporting. The tool can automatically initiate email, SMS, and drip marketing campaigns, and track your activities on all touchpoints such as phone calls, emails, online ads, websites, and blogs. Plus, it helps you to segment the lead list based on relevant variables such as geography, lead scores, behavior, etc.
  • You can identify a user’s intent to buy with tracking and trigger engagement actions and understand the intent with 360-degree user profile, behavior, activity + social tracking, and more.
  • Send relevant content right when users want it to encourage sales actions and create user behavior + engagement flows for important actions, like a pricing page view.

Increased sales

  • Use the lead engagement insights and lead quality scoring to prioritize sale-ready leads.
  • Automate lead assignment to sales reps using LeadSquared by pre-defining distribution rules.
  • Set up the tasks as well as reminders on ways to manage customer engagements easily. Use its mobile app to access sales information in the field.


  • LeadSquared is a flexible and robust system offering a very friendly user interface, with the ability to track and manage all projects and activities.
  • It offers a detailed dashboard of all campaigns with informative statistics on open rate, bounce rate, click rate, etc.
  • It can be customized for the use of different teams, offering each of them their own suites/accounts to enable them to explore the various functionalities and to boost their efficiency.

Easy integration

  • Leverage LeadSquared’s sophisticated interface which enables easy integrations with third-party tools & technologies.
  • Its developer-friendly API and webhooks framework connect your lead generation sites and existing business systems to your LeadSquared account for all marketing, lead capture, engagement, and conversion activities.

Many customers say they hardly ever needed any support from the customer service teams, but always got it promptly, if and when they needed it.

Make lead nurturing and management easy with LeadSquared and escape the drudgery of manual setups. Improve productivity even as you save both time and money with LeadSquared’s functionalities, with a successful implementation.

LeadSquared implementation with GenY Medium

Leadsquared System Integrator

LeadSquared captures all your leads, tracks and nurtures them to become sales-ready, helps your sales reps identify and follow-up on the leads they can close, and provides analytics that gives actionable insights on what is working and what needs to improve. As Implementation partners to LeadSquared, at GenY, we have successfully incorporated this business solution for a number of industry problems, helping them achieve their business goals. All routine and repetitive activities like lead distribution, prioritization, pre-screening checks, and delivering sales reports can be automated to make marketing a hassle-free experience. We help you go live within a short period, to empower your teams and enable them to adopt digital processes. Through proven and successful methodology and technology, our team provides effective implementation, customization, training, and support for LeadSquared.

Do talk to us to learn more about how we can be of help. Be assured of a successful LeadSquared implementation with GenY as we undertake all the tasks involved from technical setup to integration with other tools. What’s more, even as our dedicated technical staff assists you with the implementation, we help to ensure that your campaigns launch without a hitch. We help companies make the most of their investment into LeadSquared by applying our extensive knowledge of e-marketing, demand generation, and lead management best practices, along with our expertise in utilizing all the facets of the platform itself. Our practice is capable of supporting you in every way possible including the following:

  • Set your strategy from lead generation to management by advising you on workflow, segmentation, personalized messaging, offers/content, email frequency, etc., and apply best practices to run comprehensive lead scoring and nurturing plans.
  • We help you develop and set up successful, turnkey campaigns using appropriate content and creatives.
  • We write and design high-quality content for your emails, landing pages, thank you pages, newsletters, Webinar invitations, and more.

Do let us know if you wish to have your LeadSquared tool set up in line with our checklist, so you can begin using it to set up effective marketing campaigns.

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