Practice Area: Mautic Implementation

Mautic is a great option for marketers on the lookout for a marketing solution to automate omnichannel social media marketing, along with data management. As open-source software, Mautic puts powerful marketing automation in the hands of anyone who can understand it to manage and grow their business by efficiently performing a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.

The installation process for Mautic requires expertise and knowledge which are not readily available with every IT department, so it makes sense to find the real experts and rely on them to deliver the results needed. Learn how GenY helped a Health Insurance Company improve its Sales Force Productivity by 12X with our Mautic implementation. You can also enable tracking of sessions across your content and quickly score leads, from across the site activities of your visitors. Optimize your customers’ digital experience using emails and content personalized and contextualized to sales, marketing, and even support.

What features do we enable during our Mautic Implementation?

Let’s look at the different features available with Mautic and evaluate their effectiveness and usefulness in supporting your marketing initiatives.

  • Generate Leads and Score Contacts
    Mautic’s lead generation and contact scoring features help you analyze and assign scores to the leads and segregate them into different segments. Using Mautic’s forms, focus items, and tracking script for lead generation you can assign scores to leads based on their behavior and activities on the website like page visit, read an email, open an email, etc. Using the lead scores, you can tailor the content to make it relevant and personalized to the contact group and improve their purchase intent and convert them to a sale.
  • Build Campaigns
    Mautic offers a great campaign builder, which enables us to create campaigns or workflows with several decisions, conditions, and actions. All of these workflows can be used with its simple drag and drop feature, and simple steps to select and add conditions, actions, and decisions and give them a suitable name.
  • Segment Contacts
    Mautic can help you to collect user information with automated forms and pop-ups. These will give you insights into their specific needs and help you target them with the right campaigns. Using the fields in Mautic, you can segment your customers based on specific criteria. By segmenting them into separate groups using criteria like age, gender, location, company size, income, etc., you can appropriately differentiate your messaging and reach out to each segment using a tailored message for maximized impact and high conversions.
  • Set Focus on Items
    Mautic provides you with a great feature called ‘Focus Items’, which helps you invite the focus on a specific page to increase the traffic on that page and thereby the leads generated. Marketers can get people to focus on a specific offer or notice, or collect data on a specific page, or emphasize its contents. They can creare a specific page where they design a specific customer experience, to derive the exact outcome desired.
  • Build eMails
    Most marketers rely on eMail communication is the most preferred way of communication whether to nurture leads, share new and relevant content with existing customers, and nudge customers to return and complete a purchase that was abandoned halfway due to one reason or the other. Mautic provides a variety of different email templates that can be used for campaigns. Its drag-and-drop feature makes it very easy to create dynamic, attractive content to drive conversions and grow one’s email lists.
  • Use its Page Builder
    Mautic also offers a significant and useful feature called Page Builder. Use it to create landing pages for each of your offers, promotions, programs, and campaigns with the help of the easy drag and drop interface. Creating landing pages in Mautic does not pose any technical challenges. You can use them to design campaigns, adding forms that can help you to collect, organize, and analyze data and customer behavior with the utmost ease.
  • Nurture Leads
    As per estimates, over 95% of website visits do not result in a purchase. In other words, these visits are usually not inspired by a wish to buy something. But some of these customers will be prospects, who yield to their wish to get the product or service when they come across an advertisement or content which mentions it. This is called nurturing and prospects need constant nurturing to turn into customers. When customers repeatedly see your content and advertisements, they will turn into your brand advocates, and help to build your reputation and convert prospects through positive word-of-mouth. Mautic helps you in this task of moving your leads forward in the marketing funnel by helping to create campaigns that address and deliver appropriate content to each lead at their specific stage in the marketing funnel. Through the consistency of such efforts, we can nurture leads and convert them.

Apart from these capabilities, Mautic also offers website tracking, progressive profiling, contact management, automated campaigns, emails, and communication across channels, using dynamic content. Mautic enables consumer scoring in its account-based marketing, allows third party integrations, and offers dashboard analytics with reporting and attribution.

Our Mautic Implementation Checklist

At GenY, we leverage the powerful and practical aspects of the open-source automation platform Mautic to help customers who need a heavily customized marketing platform.

  • Based on customer requirements, build workflows for sending emails at each stage based on the demographic data of customers, their interactions on the brand’s website, and the previous communications shared.
  • Activate Mautic’s activity tracking feature to understand the interests and intentions of visitors to your web page so that they can be targeted right.
  • Ensure to tag each email click link with UTM parameters to capture the click-throughs on Google Analytics, after taking the input of the brand’s sales team on logical periods of delay between workflow elements, decision points, etc.
  • Set Mautic up for lead management, starting from capturing leads to sending emails and preparing reports which analyze the behavior of leads.
  • Implement a point mechanism for lead-scoring, to help the sales force to prioritize and make calls selectively rather than reaching out to every prospect in the pipeline.
  • Put systems in place to optimize for open and click rates for each segment and to determine the ideal number of interventions required to move customers through the marketing funnel.

What benefits to expect from your Mautic Implementation.

Mautic was the first-ever open-source marketing cloud with self-hosting capabilities, which means the company using the software can host it on its own servers. This offers the user a sense of security about the data being collected and stored. Its open-source code provides flexibility to its capabilities. Mautic also offers ease of integration with different content management systems including WordPress. Let’s enumerate some of the other benefits offered by Mautic.

  • We set Mautic up so that everyone on your team can run simplified marketing activities, setting up campaigns in practically a matter of minutes, whether it is to nurture leads, run A/B tests, share content or track the results of all the campaigns.
  • Make sure that your team can access all your data across the platform, integrating all the elements of your marketing technology stack, and use the data to develop better and more targeted campaigns.
  • Your team can flexibly and successfully create simple as well as complex, multi-channel email campaigns with minimal effort. As the platform also provides you with the ability to create content dynamically, your team can reach customers and establish nurturing programs.
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