Practice Area: Oracle Eloqua Implementation

Marketing automation is an effective tool to reach, nurture, and convert prospective customers across multiple online channels such as email, social media, mobile, and inbound marketing. Streamline routine marketing processes (email marketing, campaign management, etc.) and gain time to focus on more demanding activities, such as content marketing to boost lead-generation. Efficient automated processes can cut marketing expenses by 12% on average and increase your sales productivity by 14%. As you collect more leads and deal with more customers, you need to establish a process to track and nurture your leads. Automation helps you track prospects’ activities, such as the links they clicked in the brand’s email newsletter, and enables you to customize and personalize your messages to enjoy better sales conversations.

Oracle Eloqua would be the right choice for marketers on the lookout for a modern marketing solution that integrates content, automates omnichannel social media marketing, along with data management. By using Oracle Eloqua, you can build a database, execute marketing campaigns, measure the marketing impact, and score leads to sales.  Eloqua’s database stores customer information along with their behavioral information. You can understand customers better when you learn about what they did on your website, their searches, the links they opened, and other information related to their interaction with your content.

What features do we enable during our Eloqua Implementation?

Let’s look at the different features available with Eloqua and our approach to implementing them.

Targeting and Segmentation on Eloqua

We enable you to measure customer data, both offline and online, through various sources and channels. You will be able to view campaign and profile data, both internal and external, using a single interface. You will also be able to track the various triggers which underlie buyers’ actions. You can trigger contextually relevant messages to be sent to your customers and prospects in real-time.

Manage Campaigns on Eloqua

You will be able to create responsive emails, landing pages, and forms directly in Oracle Eloqua using its design editors, to easily create personalized campaigns. Eloqua offers an interface with options for a graphical and visual drag-and-drop facility. With its built-in whiteboard, you will be able to map each step of the campaign process. You will also be able to change the campaign by adding new assets or emails, re-define its steps, or even pause it and re-launch with fresh inputs.

Eloqua for Lead Management

You will need no IT skills or programming knowledge, to collect aggregate profile and behavior data and manage and score leads using Eloqua. You will also be able to run multiple lead scoring models for each contact, including account-based leads. We configure Eloqua to enable you to listen for any changes on lead scoring or new contacts, using its listener framework.

Reports and Dashboards on Eloqua

We configure Eloqua to track and measure the performance of campaigns and other marketing efforts. You can get a high-level overview of marketing performances or do a granular drill down into the details. You can integrate Eloqua with Oracle’s Business Intelligence tool for standard reports and dashboards offered by the tool. You can also create custom reports and dashboards as and when necessary.

Align Sales with Marketing with Oracle’s Eloqua

We configure Eloqua to enable sales and marketing teams to work together to gain new clients and revenue. Your sales team can get lead-related information like a detailed account of their activity on the web or social media about the lead to send them more information through targeted emails to convert them into customers.  Eloqua enables sales by helping to track messages and close deals faster. Eloqua’s sales enablement features can be accessed in MS Outlook using a plug-in. Or linked to a CRM. We help you take advantage of Eloqua’s additional extensibility options by connecting it to your LinkedIn to gain a broader view of every contact.

Our Oracle Eloqua Implementation Checklist 

GenY is an Oracle Gold Partner and is one of the few agencies with competence to understand data management platform (DMP) and enterprise platforms such as Responsys (cross channel) and Maximizer (Cx). Learn how we used Eloqua and Maximizer to amplify digital results for a real estate business.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to any software implementation. Our approach would look at aligning the implementation of Eloqua to the specific needs of your marketing strategy. We make sure that Eloqua is configured to efficiently automate your entire customer acquisition process and help you to develop a strong brand identity, build creative campaigns, deliver compelling content to deliver integrated marketing campaigns and drive revenues.

We undertake a meticulous configuration of every aspect of your campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing using Eloqua. Our Eloqua implementation would enable your marketing team to easily plan, produce, and publish marketing content across the customer lifecycle, tailoring the content to match customer behavior at every stage of the journey.

Our implementation plan ensures that the tool can be optimized to improve and accelerate the lead cycle using advanced customer intelligence and to convert leads into new registration opportunities. We help to:

  • Design a data model for your email marketing needs and content workflows to set up an automation plan which follows your content marketing practices.
  • Manage your web and mobile data and integrate the database into the tool along with your offline data from your existing CRM, point of sale data or data from any other marketing effort.
  • Configure every aspect of this unified social platform across its various capabilities like listening, engagement, content creation, community management, and analysis of social media efforts.
  • Integrate the Marketing Cloud with the different third-party platforms, as needed, to work in consonance with them.
  • Enable your teams to take advantage of the tool’s well-designed Visual Campaign Builder as well as HyperSite builder offered by the tool to quickly build personalized campaigns and content customized to the dynamic user.
  • Configure the tool to automate your lead acquisition and nurturing plan along with target accounts.
  • Structure your content targeting plans to improve customer retention, upsell, and renewal rates.
  • Analyze and report on campaign performance to create coordination between your sales and marketing teams and improve stakeholder alignment

What benefits to expect from your Eloqua Implementation.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, GenY plans and delivers a successful transition to Eloqua. We establish new features and processes to support marketing automation, ensuring the following capabilities and benefits to you with our Eloqua implementation.

  • Capture your requirements and priorities and ensure that we match and configure Eloqua’s capabilities to them while improving upon the existing capabilities of any other tool, being utilized by you.
  • You can be assured of improved performance measurement and tracking that allows for the ongoing optimization of emails and landing pages.
  • Map your existing data attributes and email group preferences to Eloqua’s program builder to transition all the capabilities. We ensure improved targeting and segmentation capabilities resulting from integrations that replace manual list management efforts. In the process, we improve data structures and integrate custom objects. We also build re-usable filters to improve segmentation management.
  • Establish a more efficient and centralized delivery of multi-step and event-based campaigns through the utilization of campaign canvases and custom objects. We establish a demand center model to centralize the management of campaigns and build a complex subscription management program to maintain 2-way visibility of all email group level subscriptions.
  • Enjoy timely lead management hand-offs, updated data, and fully aligned data across leads, contacts, and campaigns resulting from this integration. 

Oracle implementation with GenY Medium

When you come to GenY for implementation and deployment of any software platform of your choice, whether an open-source tool or an enterprise solution, we help you leverage the power and promise of such a marketing automation tool to improve your market share and boost your revenues. Considered to be the most expensive of all marketing automation tolls, Eloqua offers many prized features of marketing automation including campaign planning, content design, contact management, opportunity management, lead management, reports, social listening, and sales forecasting. These capabilities are helping many brands to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships and managing their online reputation and brand image.

Through proven and successful methodology and technology, our team provides effective Eloqua development services and Eloqua solutions such as Eloqua administration, consulting, configuration, integration, product development, implementation, customization, training, and support.

Our teams focus on designing, implementing, and driving transformational experiences using Eloqua solutions. We help clients translate their Oracle Eloqua investment into quality deployment and timely project implementation. Be assured of a valuable experience across a variety of Oracle development services, solutions, and products. Here’s what you can expect from our Eloqua implementation with Oracle, as you automate your marketing efforts from lead generation to customer retention.

Is your Eloqua engagement not meeting your precise needs? Are you looking for someone to implement, deploy, and leverage Eloqua functionality more broadly across your overall marketing and demand generation activity? Are you dissatisfied with the current performance of your lead nurturing, e-marketing, or demand generation campaigns?

Do talk to us to learn more about how we can be of help. Be assured of a successful Eloqua implementation with GenY, which is an Oracle Gold Partner. We undertake all the tasks involved from technical setup to integration with Eloqua, setting up of marketing analytics, automation tools, email templates, file hosting, to creating lists, rules, and actions.

What’s more, even as our dedicated technical staff can assist you with Eloqua implementation, to ensure that your campaigns launch without a hitch, we help companies make the most of their Eloqua investment by applying our extensive knowledge of e-marketing, demand generation, and lead management best practices, along with our expertise in all facets of the Eloqua platform. Our practice is capable of supporting you in every way possible including the following:

  • Set your strategy from lead generation to management by advising you on workflow, segmentation, personalized messaging, offers/content, email frequency etc., and apply best practices to run comprehensive lead scoring and nurturing plans.
  • We help you develop and set up successful, turnkey campaigns using appropriate content and creatives.
  • We write and design high-quality content for your emails, landing pages, thank you pages, newsletters, Webinar invitations, and more.
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