Practice Area: Salesforce Pardot Implementation

Marketing automation helps you to effectively reach prospective customers across multiple online channels such as email, social media, mobile, inbound marketing, which you need to nurture and convert. Marketing automation streamlines routine processes (email marketing, campaign management, etc.) to let you focus on more demanding activities, such as content marketing to boost lead-generation. Efficient automated processes can cut marketing expenses by 12% on average and increase your sales productivity by 14%.

All marketers want to automate marketing tasks and processes and be able to send a series of emails to everyone who downloads a white paper. Such emails can be sent manually or automated. As you collect more leads and deal with more customers, you need to establish a process to track and nurture your leads. Automation helps you track prospects’ activities, such as the links they clicked in the brand’s email newsletter, and enables you to customize and personalize your messages to enjoy better sales conversations.

Salesforce Pardot for Marketing Automation

Using Pardot, which is a marketing automation software and a part of Salesforce’s software solutions, businesses can examine and analyze the journey of each and every customer through every stage in the sale process. Pardot integrates with Salesforce’s CRM and allows businesses to centralize and leverage critical marketing data using a single platform to help marketers improve lead generation results. Both the sales and marketing teams can work together to turn the most promising of the leads generated into an actual sale.

What features do we enable during our Pardot Implementation?

We customize Pardot to help you enjoy the five key features of this user-friendly marketing automation solution, along with the tools it offers to build and improve marketing campaigns and workflows to drive measurable results.

eMail Marketing 

Pardot makes it easy for marketers to manage email campaigns. Pardot offers an intuitive editor that can help users to build visually pleasing emails. We help you configure personalization settings and email templates based on your brand guidelines. We enable you to schedule emails and configure A/B testing to check for better performing content to find the perfect message.

Lead Management using Pardot

Our implementation enables you to easily adapt and improve marketing messages and workflows for each audience using dynamic tools and to send emails automatically based on time, engagement, or any other custom parameters. Lead qualification settings help marketing teams identify the most engaged leads to prioritize outreach. Automation and segmentation features reduce the repetitive tasks involved with targeting while campaign performance data can be used to personalize the customer experience.

Sales Alignment through Salesforce CRM

Pardot can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM, which allows marketing and sales to work together and gain more conversions. Our implementation enables the sales teams to send marketing-approved mini-campaigns to customers and easily drop leads into nurturing tracks through the Salesforce app. You can set up alerts to be sent to sales and marketing teams via email, desktop, or mobile device to ensure a lead gets a quick response. Activity-tracking features shall be enabled to allow teams to see each contact’s activity history and know when the best time is to reach out to a lead.

Generate Leads

Get Pardot’s built-in editors configured to use its drag-and-drop features to make building landing pages, custom forms, and social posts efficient and effective. Pardot shall be integrated with Google AdWords to help track a campaign’s return on investment (ROI) and analyze keyword performance and to simplify social profiling by tracking all the interactions prospects have with social campaigns.

ROI reporting

Use the robust reporting features of Pardot to track campaign performance, ROI, customer lifecycles, and email metrics to identify what captures the most attention and where workflows fall short. Pardot shall also be configured to connect with all your marketing channels to easily tie revenue back to your content to see how individual customers interact with your videos and social media content.

Our Salesforce Pardot Implementation Checklist 

Define your objectives

We work with you to understand the required functionality and identify the right solution which is suited to your marketing activities and their effect on your sales and service funnel to prepare a specific set of objectives that will suit the needs of your business. We help you define all your objectives and decide how you want to structure your sales pipeline and nurture your prospects by designing a prospect’s journey through the campaign to the goal of becoming a customer.

Plan the configuration

With Pardot, we get many marketing automation and Salesforce integration features, but it still needs us to choose appropriate features and configure and implement them right and test them thoroughly before the process operates in an expected manner. This would include coordinating with both your sales and IT teams to ensure that the process follows a timeline, and your teams can continue to make efficient use of the tool and its deployment.


We help you coordinate with the various departments and align the marketing campaigns to the targets and work of all the departments, from IT to sales to marketing, involved. We ensure that none of your data is lost.


We ensure 100% success along with quality and also help you to maintain the tool and standby to add additional functionality as required once you start using the tool for your campaigns.

Intellectual Property Rights

Any source code developments and modifications made by us will be owned by you at the end of the implementation project.

What benefits to expect from your Pardot Implementation.

For all Salesforce users, Pardot is offered by the platform itself for B2B marketing automation. Salesforce describes Pardot as the tool for “B2B Marketing Automation on the World’s #1 CRM”. The product is a full solution that helps marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipelines, and empower sales to close more deals. When a user dives into these features more closely, they can discover and enjoy a lot more benefits like:

  1. Take the drudgery out of marketing efforts: Automation rules in Pardot allow its users to perform specific marketing and sales actions. The user can set many pre-defined criteria at the outset to ensure ongoing engagement with their consumers. This enables them to accelerate the sales cycle, convert marketing-qualified leads to sales-qualified leads quicker, and boost rep intelligence to grow their business. As it comes full circle, reps get converted to leads and into “customers for life”.
  2. Send targeted and customized Dynamic Messages: Users of Pardot can target customers based on their specific attributes. Users can fill their sales funnel with high-quality leads, using a variety of functions within Pardot. Pardot offers a range of different ways to do so, from creating landing pages and forms to running highly targeted campaigns that personalize the buyer journey from beginning to end using the Pardot Engagement Studio feature. Take advantage of Pardot to reach prospects with targeted and customized content. Use its Dynamic Content capabilities to allow Pardot to automatically personalize Pardot forms, landing pages, emails, and websites, uniquely for each individual prospect.
  3. Enjoy the full capabilities of Pardot’s email tool: Users can employ Pardot’s Intuitive Email Builder to build professional emails quickly, using its user-friendly editor. Its responsive out-of-the-box template comes equipped with custom design capabilities, to provide fast formatting options and hosted content for users. Users are enabled to send engagements at just the right time to their target audiences.
  4. Gain insight into your prospects and their activities: Pardot helps automate the lead qualification and nurturing processes, enabling its users to spend more time focusing on what matters most to them like building quality relationships with new business. They also get to grow their existing relationships easily with Pardot in a stress-free manner.
  5. Improve marketing and grow your sales pipeline effectively: Pardot offers its users a great ROI. Users can track campaign performance with customized dashboards to check and decide which of their programs are working best. They can easily identify the campaigns which are contributing to their goals and helping them to meet their sales goals, time and again.

Salesforce Pardot implementation with GenY Medium

At GenY, we help customers to deploy a platform of their choice, both open source, and enterprise solutions, to leverage the power and promise of marketing automation to improve their market share and boost their revenues. Salesforce is the CRM tool that has often served as the namesake for SFA as a whole. It is the most recognizable SFA tool on the market and offers all core features including contact management, opportunity management, lead management, reports, and sales forecasting. More than 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships. Through proven and successful methodology and technology, our team provides effective Salesforce development services and Salesforce solutions such as Salesforce administration, consulting, configuration, integration, product development, implementation, customization, training, and support.

Our teams focus on designing, implementing, and driving transformational experiences using Salesforce solutions. We help clients translate Salesforce® investment into quality deployment and timely project implementation. Clients trust us for valuable experience across a variety of Salesforce development services, Salesforce solutions, and products. Here’s what you can expect from our Pardot implementation with Salesforce, as you automate your marketing efforts from lead generation to customer retention.

Is your Pardot engagement not meeting your precise needs? Are you looking for someone to implement, deploy, and leverage Pardot functionality more broadly across your overall marketing and demand generation activity? Are you dissatisfied with the current performance of your lead nurturing, e-marketing, or demand generation campaigns?

Do talk to us to learn more about how we can be of help. Be assured of a successful Pardot implementation with GenY as we undertake all the tasks involved from technical setup to integrate with Salesforce, setting up of marketing analytics, automation tools, email templates, file hosting, to creating lists, rules, and actions.

What’s more, even as our dedicated technical staff can assist you with Pardot implementation, to ensure that your campaigns launch without a hitch, we help companies make the most of their Pardot investment by applying our extensive knowledge of e-marketing, demand generation, and lead management best practices, along with our expertise in all facets of the Pardot platform. Our practice is capable of supporting you in every way possible including the following:

  • Set your strategy from lead generation to management by advising you on workflow, segmentation, personalized messaging, offers/content, email frequency, etc., and apply best practices to run comprehensive lead scoring and nurturing plans.
  • We help you develop and set up successful, turnkey campaigns using appropriate content and creatives.
  • We write and design high-quality content for your emails, landing pages, thank you pages, newsletters, Webinar invitations, and more.
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